A person's winter

2021-04-27 23:00:11  作者:Photography

It never snows in my city , Memories are full of cold feelings . Sitting in front of the computer searching for cool dog songs , Open Chen Chusheng at will 《 A person's winter 》, I was immediately attracted by this song .

The melody is graceful 、 sad , It's very quiet , The light sadness will evoke the faint pain in my heart , Deep into the soul , To the heart .“ Where are you / The woman I love so much / I've been looking forward to meeting for the first time since I broke up / This winter didn't surprise me / Without the air around you /…… I'm still waiting / The future you're talking about / Since I love you / Why separate / I'm alone / Monologue ”. The whole song , The tone is soft , Close to sadness , But there seems to be infinite power , It's suitable for a person to listen quietly in the middle of the night with a headset . He took us to appreciate one's winter , Waiting winter . Full of expectations 、 sad , Desperate and helpless struggle , Imagine the joy of embracing each other after meeting your beloved , And looking for the long lost love in my memory, the helpless feeling of heartache .

I think , There must be a beautiful and sad story behind this song . The noisy streets , A lonely figure , The familiar street used to be the sweetness of two people , No matter where you go, you can't get rid of each other's trace . Now , Take the bus alone , Go shopping alone , Eat instant noodles alone , Go to the cinema alone , It's not like being alone , But helpless . Every year is waiting for , Waiting for winter , A snowy winter , Once promised , Looking forward to seeing you again . But , Every time it's a disappointment , The surprise didn't come , Winter is long gone , With the heart of despair .

Different streets , Different landscapes , A different person , But in the same mood . tears , Fall down unconsciously , For us who have the same story , And the same waiting for us .

There are different opinions about Chen Chusheng's disappearance on the Internet , I prefer to believe that he went to the place where he met the woman he loved .