Feng Zikai's Yuan Yuan Tang essays: life can be very interesting

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01 I have a hobby , What a happy thing

“ All my life , There must always be a hobby that you can stay for fun ”. This is what Stefanie Sun's father said to her . I saw it when I was a kid , Just keep it in mind .

I have a hobby , Whether it's elegant , It's still popular , It's a good thing . Because you can place your emotions in it , Whether the mood is happy 、 Sad , Still alone 、 Depressed , This hobby will accompany you , Spend some time with you .

Feng Zikai has a hobby , He likes to decorate his home . He thinks of home as a canvas , And decorators are like painting . He thinks it's a great freedom 、 It's a very enjoyable process , When the home is properly arranged , The mood is very comfortable .

He called it “ Free for fun ”.

More interesting , Every once in a while , It's going to be rearranged .

“ I'm in my poor and crude study , I always like to do this thing . Move some rough furniture around , I have to move several times a month .”

Every time I read this passage , They all smile . Because I happen to be a decorator too . I especially understand the freedom of the layout process , And the comfort of finishing .

That kind of feeling , Just like the little prince on his planet .

Someone might ask , What's so interesting about this ?

It's interesting, of course , If you don't believe me, look down .

Feng Zikai has a self ringing clock at home , The numbers on it made him feel disgusting .

Mathematics, of course, is a very interesting subject , But unfortunately , Some people are not interested in mathematics by nature . I think , Feng Zikai is such a person .

Because I don't want to look at these numbers , He did something very interesting .

“…… I asked it to come down from the wall , Take the oil paint and make it sky blue , Draw some green willow branches on it , They also use hard black paper to cut them into two flying swallows , Stick the paste on the tips of the two needles . thus , It turns into an oil painting with two swallows flying among the willows .”

He likes to decorate his home , Think of it as painting . He also regards life as a piece of music . What are the different things in a day , Which master's music is it in the four seasons of the year , He's like living in music .

He also likes astronomy , I'm going to take a constellation map after my child is asleep , Go outside and look at the stars . After seeing the stars , He went back to the house , Open a Book 《 Astronomy 》, Calculate the distance between the stars .

It's a headache , He's lying in bed , Look at the stars outside the window .

“ I forgot my headache . Poetry of Chaohua comes to my mind :‘ Weaver star comes to pillow , I know that I am not in the world .’ At once it seemed as light as a feather , Flying between the constellations .”

What a happy thing it is . I believe his soul was free at that moment , The mood is also comfortable .

02 Some of the things you might overlook

There are several essays in it that are very thought-provoking , It makes people feel suddenly enlightened after reading .

People should find life interesting , Some hobbies are icing on the cake , And it's more important to understand a few things .

One is about money .

I saw a passage the other day , A woman said she used to feel , When you get married, you must be beautiful , Try to make good use of everything , But when I really want to get married , But I started to be careful , Save as much as you can .

You bet , When it comes to marriage , The first thing people think about is money , How much is a wedding photo , How much does a banquet cost , The bride's clothes 、 Make up 、 How much is the jewelry …… Even the wedding guests , First thought , I'm afraid it depends on the amount of money .

No matter what you do, you have to make an estimate in advance , In fact, this way hinders our understanding of things . Feng Zikai said :

“ So if you look at things from the perspective of valuation money , There is only money in the world , And nothing else , therefore , The meaning of everything is reduced .”

Then how to solve this problem ?

First of all, realize ,“ Price ” It's just the relationship between things and money . then , We should get rid of these relationships , To focus on the thing itself .

If everything in the world is covered by money “ Hold up ”, Then not only will people become slaves to money , Everything in the world will become an accessory of money .

Except for money , It's also easy to ignore time .

Time is like a pot of warm water , And we're the frogs inside . With time , We can get used to or indulge in a lot of things . People who read books will think that they have been studying for a long time , People who work feel that retirement is a long way off . Sick people are more and more tolerant of pain , Unfortunate people will gradually become numb to their situation .

Feng Zikai said , This is it. “ gradually ” The role of .

“‘ gradually ’ The role of , It is to conceal the past of time and the trace of the change of things by using the method of tiny and slow difference in each step , Make people mistakenly think of it as permanent .”

therefore ,“ The perception of time ” It's important . Feel the passage of time , Will cherish the present ; Realize the endless time , You can go beyond ordinary life , Get a broader mind and vision .

“ See the world in a grain of sand , Heaven in a wild flower , Hold infinity in your palm , In a short time, it will be forever .”

Last , Don't forget to look for “ True self ”.

Money and time can be regarded as “ External objects ”,“ True self ” It's more important than that .

When I was a kid, my dad used to say , Let me learn from those cheerful and generous classmates . I thought , It's good for me to become someone else , But I'm not like myself . And don't live like yourself , Isn't it a more terrible sorrow than introversion ?

When I grow up , According to my character and specialty , Choose the job I can do . For a while , I feel as if I can do my job well , I thought it was my life's work . This job brings me a salary that can make a foothold in a big city , And give me a little sense of accomplishment . But , One day I suddenly realized that , I don't really love this job , It not only made my body sick , It's also depressing my mind .

I should do what I really like .

Maybe , At that moment , I finally found the courage to fight against my father when I was a child , I don't want to be someone else's copy , I don't want to go against my heart .

Maybe , That's how to find “ True self ” Is that right .

Feng Zikai said :“…… Before us ,‘ life ’ It's been repeated thousands of times , All like Epiphyllum bubble to appear and disappear . Everyone knows that they are the same , On the other hand, I don't know , Be enthusiastic about life without any doubt …… This is for the warmth and happiness of life , The sweetness of love , The happiness of marriage , The glory of nobility and wealth , To deceive us , So that we have no time to think about , linger , muddle along , I can't pick up the fundamental courage to study life , Confused to death .”

So he said , To put “ Life is like a dream ” These four words as a slap in the face , Always alert yourself , Don't indulge in dreams , Always look for “ True self ”.

One mind study , Focus on good books

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