When the authors only rely on their works to compete, it is the contest of artistic level—— Leisurely reading Suiyuan Shihua (249)

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【 Supplement Volume 3 of the original book · 41 】

Xijiang Cao Star Lake Dragon tree , I'm at Bertie hill My nephew of the same year also . I don't know Rugao , I don't know you , And always in poetry .《 Persuade farmers to 》 cloud :“ Nine Mo thousand domain embroidery staggered , Stop and shade, borrow the green cloud locust . Those who welcome officials with their staff , White hair It's gone with the wind The leader is here .”“ Busy farming turns into leisure for officials , Dai baichui I like to move my face . let alone Thank you Till the dawn , I came from the field .”“ The little girl learns to be a master , A mu teaches to sit together Jima . Spring is like the sea , Get out and steal flowers .”《 Taoyedu 》 cloud ;“ The boats are separated , Red Mansions are everywhere . In the past, flowers reflected in water , Today the water flowed .” All of them are fragrant and sentimental .

Xijiang , Also known as Jiang You , The ancients talked about geography , To the East is to the left , To the west is to the right . Jiangyou , The area to the west of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River . Later, it was called Jiangxi Province .

Cao Longshu , The word Songling , Star Lake . Jiangxi Xingzi people . Thirty six years of Qianlong (1771 year ) Everyone . Peixian County, Jiangsu Province 、 Taoyuan ( Now Siyang County )、 County Magistrate like Rugao , Jiangning Jiangfang Tongzhi , Jiangnan Rural examination with examiners . The author of 《 Star Lake poetry collection 》、《 Yangyun jingshe anthology 》、《 Xinghu Rugao panyuanji 》 etc. .

Great uncle , Official name . Officialdom , In charge of the affairs of offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods in the state .《 Zhou Li · Chunguan · Zongbo 》:“ Li Chun's official uncle , Make him handsome and hold the ceremony , King Ezra and his kingdom . The official of ceremony belongs to , I'm not alone , There are two doctors in xiaozongbozhong .” My job is “ In charge of the heaven, God, people, ghosts and earth of the state , To assist Wang Jianbao to protect the state .” The Zhou Dynasty was called Zongbo , In the Han Dynasty, it was called taizai . His position , That is, the post of the Ministry of rites later , So later generations called the Minister of rites the great uncle .

Cao Xiuxian ,(1708 year —1784 year ), Constant listening , Another word is Zhitian 、 Ice holding , Haodi mountain , People from Xinjian County, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province . The first year of Qianlong (1736 year ) Middle scholar , Select the common and auspicious scholars , Confer on the editors of Hanlin Academy . charge 《 Real records of Shizong 》 Editor of the library , Later, he promoted the Imperial Academy to sacrifice wine 、 Bachelor of cabinet , Li Gong 、 Household 、 The right servant of the third Department of Li . Thirty six years of Qianlong (1771 year ) The book of rites of Jin Dynasty . I was ordered to walk in the upper study , charge 《 Complete Library of Four Branches of Books 》 President of the Museum . Die in office , To the prince and his wife , Shi Wenke . All knowledge , He wrote a lot . Yes 《 Give the manuscript to the library 》、《 Yiqing hall four or six 》、《 Yiguangji 》、《 Make star set 》、《 First draft of Dishan 》、 Wait for the world to exist . Good at calligraphy , Take the clock 、 king , strike out a new line for oneself .

It's gone with the wind , The sound piāo xiāo, My hair is sparse . Du Fu 《 Yihu 》 The poem :“ It's gone with the wind , Lin wants to rush to the Confucian crown .”

Dai Bai , The name of the allusion , The code comes out 《 han · Volume 64 · In the biography of Jia lie, the father of Yan Zhu and Wu Qiu · Yan Zhu 》:“ Dai Bai's old age did not see the military revolution ”, It means that the old man with white hair has never seen a war . Dai Bai , With white hair , To describe an old man . Also called the old man .

Chuiku , The sound chuí tiáo, It's also a drop . In ancient times, children didn't bundle their hair , Hair droops , Because it refers to children . Jin · another name of Tao Yuanming 《 Story of the Peach Blossom Valley 》: old and young , And be happy .

Thank you , The title of the governor of the Han Dynasty , After the Han Dynasty, it was used as a honorific title for the prefect .《 New chant of Yutai · Southeast corner of sunrise 》:“ I'm from the south , Five horses stand hesitating .”

Jima , Twist the hemp into thread . The song dynasty · Fan Chengda 《 In summer, the countryside is mixed · Seven 》:“ Work in the day, work in the night , The children of the village are in charge of their own families .”

【 gossip 】

When Cao Longshu was magistrate of Rugao county , I have never met Yuan Mei , But he often sent poems to Yuan Mei . Yuan Mei said that his works are fragrant and sentimental , Include his poems in 《 Poetic words 》 In . however , I think ,《 Poetic words 》 The collection of his poems , Maybe it's because he is the nephew of Cao Xiuxian, Minister of rites , It can not be ruled out that Cao Longshu later took the post of Jiang Fang Tongzhi in Jiangning Prefecture in Nanjing , With further exchanges between the two sides .

It's mentioned in the poem “ I'm at Bertie hill ” He was a famous figure in the Qianlong Dynasty . His name is Cao Xiuxian , Constant listening , Another word is Zhitian 、 Ice holding , Haodi mountain . Yuan Mei called it “ Same year ”, It means the candidates who took part in the imperial examination in the same year . actually , In the first year of Qianlong, Yuan Mei participated in “ Hongbo learned CI ” The test , And Cao Xiuxian participated in the normal imperial examination, which was already qualified to enter , Yuan Mei is not the same kind of imperial examination . Yuan Mei is in “ Hongbo learned CI ” Fail in the exam , Later, in the third year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong , It was only in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Qianlong that he became a Jinshi . We should discuss the same year with Cao Xiuxian , Zheng Banqiao was indeed a scholar in the first year of Qianlong , It's just , Zheng Banqiao's official career is not smooth , In Fanxian, Shandong Province ( Now it belongs to Henan )、 After 12 years as magistrate of Weixian County, he resigned and went to Yangzhou to sell paintings .

When it comes to Zheng Banqiao , You think of it “ Riprap Street ” like “ Slab bridge body ” Calligraphy works , He mixed Li style with regular script , Claim to be “ Six and a half books ”. Although Zheng Banqiao's calligraphy works are famous all over the world now , valuable , But during the reign of Emperor Qianlong , His calligraphy works are not very polished , In his later years, he was quite poor . He married his second daughter at the age of 66 , Painting orchids for girls , Titled “ After the official strike, the bag is empty and the sleeves are cold , Talking about selling paintings to serve as a meal . I'm most ashamed that Wu yinlian's money is too small , Give me some orchids for spring breeze ”, It's so sad . however , In the same year, Cao Xiuxian's calligraphy was extremely expensive at that time . Even at sky high prices , It is estimated that ordinary people may not be able to buy it with money . Historical records : Cao Xiuxian, who started as a Confucian minister “ The best books , Work in poetry , Especially good at calligraphy ”,“ Calligraphy Gaogu , It's all about the center , People think that a piece of Chu is a treasure . There are many stone inscriptions . Taste the engraved Jing en Tang, Yi Qing Tang, Shu Ke , Huang Tingjian's letters , A collection of books ”. Qianlong appreciated Cao Xiuxian's calligraphy very much , He once praised the court for having “ Are heaven, earth and man ” There are three calligraphers , They are : A picture of ( Detian )、 Cao Xiuxian ( Earth and mountain )、 Wang Chieh ( Great man ). A picture of ,(1691 year —1745 year ), It's a wonderful word , Jingnan , It's also called Tianping Jushi , People from Lou County, south of the Yangtze River , Jinshi . Li official to minister of the Ministry of punishment , To the inner court . Qianlong was a great calligrapher , He often wrote for Emperor Qianlong , Good at regular script . Wang Chieh ,(1725 year -1805 year ), A great man , It's my country , Hancheng people in Shaanxi . Number one scholar , Li Guan to Dongge University , Premier's Ministry of rites , And the master of the study . History records , After Wang Jie took part in the palace examination , The examiner intends to record it as a flower of exploration and report it to the imperial court for approval . It is said that after Qianlong saw his test paper , Great appreciation of calligraphy , In addition, Zhao Yi, the number one scholar who originally planned to be admitted, has been appointed to the military aircraft department , In order to avoid worldly disputes , Then they changed their places . Wang Jie's wonderful calligraphy helped him become the first number one scholar in Shaanxi Province since the founding of the Qing Dynasty .

Cao Xiuxian lived in Qianjia period . A lot of historical materials of calligraphy have been found in the textual research of gold and stone 、 inscriptions on a tablet , It led to the prosperity of stele calligraphy , There appeared a great master of stele learning represented by Yi bingshou , It had a great influence on the book world at that time . But officially , It was Dong Qichang, who was strongly advocated by Qianlong 、 Zhao Zi Ang's calligraphy study . Cao Xiuxian is a high-ranking official , And because of taking the exam, I was deeply “ Pavilion style ” Influence , To go to the Stele Study of yeyi , Write strange books like Zheng Banqiao , It's obviously unrealistic . So his calligraphy is naturally “ Orthodoxy ” All the way . His works and photos 、 Like Liu Yong and others , Calm and dignified , Round, strong and skilled , Simple and quiet , Ancient customs pervade . Take Zhong you 、 Wang Xizhi , Thick and flexible , be strict in one 's demands , No one is lazy , Show one's personality and talent . However , The life and value of art lies in innovation . After more than 200 years of honing , Calligraphy works of Zheng Banqiao and Cao Xiuxian , Whether it's evaluation or price , But it's turned upside down , The gap between them can hardly compete in one order of magnitude . Zheng Banqiao's paintings and calligraphy , A million yuan is the starting price , It's not uncommon to see a transaction price of several million yuan . And Cao Xiuxian's calligraphy works , It's just under 100000 yuan , And buyers are scarce . thus it can be seen , When the title attached to the author 、 Power has lost its shining light , There's only time left for writers to compete with each other , This is the real contest of artistic level .

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