What's the meaning of "the fish rattles the windlass, the chicken window pecks the road"—— A leisurely reading of Suiyuan Shihua (250)

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【 Volume 4 of the supplement to the original book · Four 】

Biography of Yao Ji Tai Shiyan : At the beginning of the Republic of China, there was Huaining yilao Wang Meihu sir , Living in seclusion , The style of poetry is very high ; And the poets of this dynasty , Not included , It's a pity ! Its 《 Tianjia zayong 》 cloud :“ hoopoe Mingzhong garden , She Yan It's a nest . The fields are white , Rice needles The sun is high . It depends on , My face is comfortable . I have a lot to do , Step over lintang'ao .”“ Butterflies are as small as leaves , Along the river Sargasso Apple . Tie the cable and plant the staff , Chaimen meets the guest of honor . Guest of honor , One or two neighbors . Ke Xian Let's be honest , Simple in appearance and close in love . In a moment, I'll plant the wine , The core of the dish It's also Chen . He Miao is good , At a glance When eating New .” “ The wind and the sun are beautiful , Diaoxi lilun pole . Fangbaitou Wenyi , Repair scale and drive fast . All the mountains are green , Lonely bird, lonely light, cold . Sunset in Mingshui village , On the new moon in the forest . Chang Haoyong returns home , No fish, no sigh ?” “ Cold moon with autumn air , Solitary lamp Geng Qingying . The sky is vast , All the way through the night . Fish coop ring Windlass , Chicken window Peck It's a long way to go . I can hear the barking of dogs from afar , The maple leaves are cold .”《 Qiu Huai 》 cloud :“ The village is quiet in the afternoon , Three or two cocks . The hedge flower urges the wild chrysanthemum , It's cooked in a nearby cauldron . Reading history and tears , Look at all kinds of feelings . What does Fuyun mean , Only by the head of the Dragon ?”《 Late 》 cloud :“ Spring rain comes late to rest , The peak of the setting sun lake . People are indifferent to smoke , The fields and the water are murmuring . Xiaobu Lintang road , When I heard the mountain temple bell . What kind of love is ? Traces of cattle and sheep along the ancient road .” The poem is far away , yes pottery 、 Wei The number of families . And then there is 《 Send Zhou oak garden Waiter 》 Three songs , It's not worth visiting oak garden, so . I'd like to see Gongqing Yun who was also famous at that time .

Yao Nai (nài),(1732 year —1815 year ), The word Ji Zhuan , Dream valley , My room name is Xi Baoxuan , Mr. Shicheng Xibao , From Tongcheng, Anqing Prefecture . Prose writers in Qing Dynasty , And fangbao 、 Liu Dakui is also known as “ The third ancestor of Tongcheng school ”.

Wang Zhishun , The word is Pingzi , One word Yu Xing , Old man of Meihu in his old age . Anhui Huaining people , Home in Meihu, northwest town , Because it's Meihu . Mingzhusheng ,12 A scholar in his middle age , I failed in the local examination several times . Shun Kang abandoned his career , Hidden in Meihu Lake . Making friends with Chen Boji . Study poetics carefully , lucid and elegant style , I can't stop writing . The author of 《 Meihu poetry is deleted 》.

hoopoe , The name of the bird . The shape is extremely unique , Colorful feathers on the head , A long, narrow, pointed mouth , Well arranged feather patterns . He is alert and upright , The habit of loyalty , It has become one of the symbols of religion and legend since ancient times . In China, , The Desheng bird symbolizes peace 、 Happy 、 happy . In ancient times, there were many poems praising the bird . The tang dynasty · Jia Dao 《 Dai Sheng 》:“ Star point corolla Taoist clothes , Ziyang palace maid incarnates to fly . Can pass on the spring news , If you go to Pengshan, don't let it go .” another , Dyson is the national bird of Israel .

She Yan , Swallows come to spring society , Go to the autumn club , There are “ She Yan ” Known as the , It refers to people drifting in the official sea , The whereabouts are uncertain . The tang dynasty · The evolution of the sheep, 《 Look at the county building 》 The poem :“ The land is far away, and the people of Qin look at it , Yanfei in Tianqing society .”

Rice needles , It refers to the young rice seedlings . bright · Yang Shen 《 Out of the suburbs 》 The poem :“ Takada is like a staircase , Pingtian is like a chess game . Egrets come suddenly , It's green .”

Sargasso Apple , Algae and apple here , They're all aquatic plants . algae , A plant growing in water , It also includes some aquatic higher plants . Apple , Perennial aquatic ferns , The stem lies transversely in the mud of shallow water , The petiole is long , There are four leaflets at the top , The whole grass can be used as medicine , It is also used as pig feed . Also known as “ Duckweed ”、“ Clover ”. There is a dictionary to explain “ Sargasso Apple ” For algae and apples , It's just bullshit . another , Sargasso Apple also means sacrifice , The tang dynasty · Huang Tao 《 Sacrifice to Mr. Chen 》:“ Yesterday Chen and pepper GUI offer reward , Today, the apple drops .” The meaning of sacrifice is versatile “ Pingzao ”. Apple 、 algae , Alga , The ancients used to cover the sacrificial offerings .《 Master Zuo's Spring and Autumn Annals · Twenty eight years of Xianggong 》:“ Jize's , Pingzao in the street , Including all the clans , Ji Lan's corpse , Jingye .”

Ke Xian , The sound kē xiǎn , It means to be scientific , That is barefoot . clear · Wang Shizhen 《 Chibei talks about · Talk about offering one · What happened to Uncle Fang 》:“ Father Fang , More than 90 years , I've been reading a lot , Though it is summer , Dress and sit in danger , I haven't seen it yet .”

The core of the dish , The sound yáo hé, It means meat and fruit . Jin · Zuo si 《 Shu Du Fu 》:“ Sit in a golden boat , I'm going to eat four kinds of food .”

At a glance , The sound piē yǎn, In the twinkling of an eye , In short time . The tang dynasty · Du Fu 《 To relieve one's worries 》 The poem :“ Ah, I glanced at , Sculls have no roots .”《 Word forest 》 yue : ah , Da Kong also . read xiā. Ah, pit , Big hole .

Fang baits , The sound fāng ěr, It means fragrant bait on the hook . han · Zhao Ye 《 Wu Yue spring and Autumn Period · The story of Gou Jian's plot 》:“ I heard about the flying birds , Died of food ; Deep spring fish , Die of fangbai .”

Scaling , paraphrase :1、 Big fish . The song dynasty · Chen Shidao 《 The second rhyme is the migration of fish from the West Lake of Su Gong 》 One of :“ The jade is uneven when repairing scales , The sun shakes and the gold breaks .”2、 Point to the snake . The tang dynasty · Du Fu 《 Yi Hu Xing 》:“ Trim the scales and take off the branches , Giant Pelteobagrus breaks old fist .”

Geng , The original meaning here is , through “ Jiong ”. bright , Light means . Such as : Geng Yao ( Shine on ); Geng Guang ( light ; glorious );《 Chu ci · Qu Yuan · Li SAO 》:“ Kneel on your lapel ( Spread out your clothes ) In my words , Geng Wu has got this right ( Point to the right path ).”

Fish coop , The sound yú zēnɡ, A square fishing net made of wooden sticks or bamboo poles . Du Fu 《 To Ambassador Bohua of Liuxia Prefecture 》 The poem :“ Lin Ju looks at the nest , Wild food for fish .”

Windlass , paraphrase :1、 A kind of lifting tool made by the principle of wheel and axle , It's usually installed in a well to draw water . The Northern Wei Dynasty Jia Sixie 《 Qi people want skills · Grow sunflower 》:“ Well, don't be an orange 、 Windlass .” Original note :“ The well is deep with a pulley , Well shallow with orange .”2、 Some mechanical winches are also called windlass . clear · Huang Zongxi 《 The journey from Yuyao to shengxia 》:“ South weir pull boat set windlass , North weir is bare handed , So the boat is especially small .”3、 wheel . clear · Zhou Longzao 《 Longtou water 》 The poem :“ People say goodbye to the sound of water , It's all blood in my husband's eyes , Forever and forever, we all sob . Whimpering , The flow is not over ; The sound of the windlass , It's more than that .”

Chicken window , It's also a chicken coop (chuāng), A study . Allusion .《 Art and culture gathering 》 Volume 91 〈 In the bird Department · chicken 〉:《 You Ming Lu 》 yue : The governor of Yanzhou in the Jin Dynasty, the governor of Pei state, and the emperor of Chu Zong in the Song Dynasty , Try to buy a long crowing chicken , Love and even , Between the windows , So the chicken speaks , Talk with Chu Zong about , Very intelligent , All day long , Therefore, Chu Zong made great progress . And then “ Chicken window ” A study . The tang dynasty · Luo Yin 《 On the residence of Zhang Yiren in Yuanxi 》 The poem : The chicken windows open quietly at night , The fishing line is deep in spring .

It's a long way to go , The sound línɡ xīnɡ, It means fishing gear . clear · Tang SunHua 《 Fisherman's words 》 One of :“ The boat is full of water , Living by the five lakes every year .” It also refers to a bamboo cage for storing fish . The tang dynasty · Lu guimeng 《 fishing gear 》 shishyuh :“ The boat on board is called "Dan" , The utensils stored in it are called Qiaoji .”

Longtou , The sound lǒng tóu, paraphrase :1、 (3) the mountain . The frontier fortress . In the · The song dynasty · Lu Kai 《 To Fan Ye 》:“ The flowers meet the messenger , To Longtou people .” The song dynasty · Su shi 《 Xing Xiang Zi 》 word :“ Don't come to remember , I don't know who ? There is a moon in the lake , Willows by the river , Longtou cloud .”2、 The name of Yuefu in Han Dynasty .《 The Collection of Folk Songs and Ballads in the Han Style · I'm going to blow the song 》 Guo Maoqian's explanation of the title 《 Yuefu solves the problem 》:“ The Han Dynasty blows music horizontally , Twenty eight solutions , Li Yannian made . Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties , Only ten songs are passed down : One day 《 Huang Hu 》, Two said 《 Longtou 》.”

pottery 、 Wei , Tao Yuanming, a poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and Wei Yingwu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, are called together .

Zhou Lianggong ,(1612 year —1672 year ), The character is bright , There are also Taoan 、 Fasting 、 It's a secret 、 Suitable garden 、 Oak garden, etc , Scholars call Mr. oak garden 、 Mr. Quercus . Henan Xiangfu ( Today, the south of the river opens the fengxiangfu district ) people . In the 13th year of Chongzhen in Ming Dynasty (1640 year ) Jinshi and , He was once the magistrate of Weixian County in Shandong Province , He moved to Zhejiang Province to supervise the censor . After entering the Qing Dynasty , Li Guan to the right servant of the Ministry of household, etc . He was impeached and sentenced to death many times , Another pardon . The first year of Kangxi (1662 year ), From Qingzhou to Haidao 、 Jiang'an grain storage road . be a brilliant man of wide learning , poems 、 Jinshi 、 Calligraphy and painting all have a very advanced attainments . The author of 《 Lai Gutang collection 》《 Reading pictures 》 etc. .

【 gossip 】

This verse records the works of Wang Zhishun, a poet in Huaining, Anhui Province . According to Yuan Mei's evaluation :“ The poem is far away , It's Tao 、 Wei's number .” That's what I feel after reading it , It is almost the same as Tao Yuanming's poems , peace 、 Quietly elegant 、 county 、 Leisurely and carefree . After reading these works , Suddenly away from the hustle and bustle of the city , Return to the peace of the countryside . Of course , It's just a moment , The present countryside , I'm afraid I really can't find such a paradise life . What is real rural life like , I won't say much more , Everyone on earth knows that .

I read 《 Criticism of Poetry from the Garden of Leisure 》, A pleasure is to read the works collected by Yuan Da Cai Zi , Feel the beauty of soul poetry , Another pleasure is through the various records of this book , Understand the social life of that era . Some people say ,《 A dream of red mansions 》 It's an encyclopedia of life in Qing Dynasty , Actually , If you can put 《 Criticism of Poetry from the Garden of Leisure 》 All aspects of the record are clear , It can also be said that , Read an encyclopedia of Qing Dynasty , On the official system of Qing Dynasty 、 imperial examination 、 Prison 、 Farming 、 We can have a certain understanding of culture and many other fields . As for the allusions used in the poem 、 All the things described are clear , It also expands the scope of knowledge , Benefit more .

What I want to talk about today is Wang Shizhong “ The fish rattles the windlass , The window of the chicken pecks its way ” This poem , How to read , A lot of people just think that the words are ingenious , But what does it mean , Not all of them understand . Fish coop , Literally , That's the net . And the windlass , Most people know it's on a well , A device for lifting water by turning a handle . The fish and the windlass are put together , What do you mean ?“ The window of the chicken pecks its way ” A word of , It's estimated that seven out of ten people , incognizance “ It's a long way to go ” Two words , Let alone know what it is . Actually , I read this couplet , I don't understand what it means , Just because I grew up in the water , I know a little bit about fishing , guess , This windlass may be a winch for stretching the net , When the net turns “ squeak ” Make a noise . But in ancient times, it was not like this ? I really don't know . Fortunately, there is the Internet , check . Don't say , And found the real hammer , Totally “ The fish rattles the windlass ” The scene reappearance of . In an article 《 History of popular mechanical technology —— Ancient times · wheel axle 》 In the , There is a complete account of this : square-shaped fishing net with poles as supports , It is a traditional fishing net in China , At present, some fishermen are still using . Its basic structure is to use four bamboo poles or wooden sticks to open the square fishing net . If you are small , Just insert another long bamboo pole into the soil beside the water , Then, one end of a rope is connected to the joint of the four bamboo poles on the upper part of the fishing net through the top of the long bamboo pole , One end in the fisherman's hand . Then release the rope , Sink the net into the water , Waiting for the fish to enter the net . If you don't want to , Just pull up the rope , I just know if there is any harvest . It's actually the leverage principle that this kind of small device uses . But if it's big , Sometimes you catch a lot of fish , It's hard to pull , Now the winch is used . Because it's hard , Generally speaking, it's pulling . During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, Zhao Gan, a painter of the Southern Tang Dynasty ( The age of birth and death is unknown ) There is one 《 First snow on the river 》 There's a winch on it . The picture shows three people working together to catch fish , He has been pulled up , A man in front is fishing for fish in a big net with a bamboo pole with a net pocket at the front . Two children in the back are sitting there pulling the winch . The structure of the bracket is also different from that of the small one , In the bow of the ship, you can see that there is a movable horizontal shaft installed , There are three bamboo poles on the shaft , Two slants up to the right , Put the top together , It's used as a support for the elevator , The other bamboo pole is inclined to the left to support the lifting rope . so , In this case , It's using the two wheel axle principle .( See the picture )

Take a picture

See the picture above ,“ The fish rattles the windlass ” The problem is solved .

“ The window of the chicken pecks its way ” A word of . First of all, I'd like to talk about you , It's actually a fish basket made of bamboo strips . And the chicken window , It means study . This is an allusion .《 Art and culture gathering 》 Volume 91 〈 In the bird Department · chicken 〉:《 You Ming Lu 》 load : The governor of Yanzhou in the Jin Dynasty, the governor of Pei state, and the emperor of Chu Zong in the Song Dynasty , Try to buy a long crowing chicken , Love and even , Between the windows , So the chicken speaks , Talk with Chu Zong about , Very intelligent , All day long , Therefore, Chu Zong made great progress . And then “ Chicken window ” A study . The tang dynasty · Luo Yin 《 On the residence of Zhang Yiren in Yuanxi 》 There is a line in the poem :“ The chicken windows open quietly at night , The fishing line is deep in spring .” however , In this sentence, Wang Zhishun brings out the chicken in the allusion , And then use PI Rixiu, a poet of Tang Dynasty 《 Fifteen chants on fishing gear of Fenghe and Luwang · It's a long way to go 》:“ To the sky , I'm going home by my own way . But the fish came back , Hanging in the secluded window .” Let the chicken peck .

From this, we can explore ,“ The fish rattles the windlass , The window of the chicken pecks its way ” The meaning of a couplet is clear . Happiness means , It comes naturally .

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