You can't have both fish and bear's paw

2021-04-27 22:36:04  作者:Literary FM

“ There's no need to revise the writing , The time saved can start another chapter .”

“ yes , In this way, the writing style can be improved , It's not a waste of time , Kill two birds with one stone .”

I heard that , I'm confused .

Young reading , The teacher keeps telling me :“ Don't be perfunctory in writing .” I slack off occasionally , Take a chance , In the end, he was carried to the lecture table , Revise word for word .

Later, when I remember the scene, I realized that , Perfunctory is not to modify . now , Others say that perfunctory writing can improve writing style , And don't waste time . No one can believe it ? also , Throughout the ages , There is no way to have both fish and bear paws .

Hemingway has a famous saying :“ All the first drafts are shit .” The implication is that writing must be revised . And you know ,《 The old man and the sea 》 It was only after more than 200 times of revision that it was condensed . This is still true of writers , Nobody like us should try our best to follow his example .

Think about it , Revise over and over again , The article is bound to be eye-catching . thus , Attract others to read 、 It's not hard to leave criticism and suggestions behind . If we take it all in again , From now on, the writing style will certainly be further improved , In this way, the purpose of improving writing style is achieved .

As for wasting time , I think , Since both are difficult , You don't have to pay too much attention to it , This is also to avoid being trapped in it .

But if someone insists on writing with a fluke , It's his fate to lose his wife and lose his army .

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