Dense rain in the south of the Yangtze River

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The rain is dense in the south of the Yangtze River , Mother dug up a few potatoes from the private plot behind the house ( Yan Shi is commonly known as , Scientific name potato ) Come on . I asked , How to cook this ? My mother said , Boiled potato .

then , In the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River , There is an extra dish on my dinner table , Boiled potato . I heard my mother exclaim , I thought it was salty , Busy asking , She said , The potato is rotten , It's delicious .

I took advantage of a small piece , It's really delicious , Let me think about how to describe it ? by the way , This is the taste of potato , Fresh potato can not express the fragrance .

The rain is dense in the south of the Yangtze River , In front of the courtyard , Meet Qinghe and go out in short sleeve shorts and sportswear . I hit the brakes , Ask him why ? He said running , Just one lap . I snapped , no way , The rain is cool , If you get wet, you'll get sick ! He ignored , Say nothing , I know it in my mind .

There are orchids just planted in Qinghe in the yard 、 One leaf lotus 、 Hydrangea 、 Chinese herbaceous peony 、 Rose and other species , There are also citron, sweet clover, orange, persimmon, red maple, Purple Magnolia, loquat and so on , And a few turtles .

The tortoise was bought by , I don't know the variety , He made up his mind to put it in an old vessel , Pottery , There are traces of time , Kezhuang called it "sauce pie" ( The sound ) cylinder , Used to make pickles , Now I've been abandoned for a long time .

The color of the jar is soft , Texture is the past forgotten by the slightest talk .

I remember putting two small fish and three or four shrimp in this shallow tank yesterday , Now there's only a few bones left .

Qinghe said they eat turtle food , I know these guys eat fish and shrimp , And carrion , Our favorite pets , Unfortunately, it is the killer of nature .

I watched them stretch their necks , Exploring the taste of this dense rain in the south of the Yangtze River , All I know is , If nothing goes wrong , They will live a long time , It's beyond my imagination .

I really want to write down something , Twinkling of an eye , Always be “ I'm very busy ” Blocked by , Like tomorrow afternoon 16 spot 15 I have to go to Dacang south station to pick up a doctor from Mordor to my home for vacation . Of course , At five thirty tomorrow morning , I have to go to Yanxiang and Mocheng once , And come back all the time , And then we'll set out for mordu Baoshan and Jiading , And then we'll get to Dacang south station .

Forget to explain , This doctor is Qinghe's wife , So I invite Qinghe to go out with me tomorrow morning , Let's see what I'm doing .

Maybe I can use busy as an excuse , Alienated words , No kidding , A few words mean nothing .

The rain is dense in the south of the Yangtze River , Two days ago, my mother peeled several palm leaves from the old palm tree , We call it palm board , It's used to make a PU fan , I've been in the sun for two days . Say it's old , It's because I remember that it has been 40 years since it moved from wangerbang north to wangerbang West with my family . I tied the petiole with a rope , Throw it into Wang erhbang .

They are very disobedient , Floating on the water , I guess it took a whole night to sink into the water . It's a long tradition , Palm leaves in the water , Snails will absorb it , Captured by us as a dish of delicacy . Sun for two days is to make the palm leaves more fragrant , To attract snails as much as possible .

But today's harvest is very little , Although the snail is big , But only a dozen of seven leaves were caught , I want to put them in the Turtle tank to accumulate , I'm afraid it will affect them , Had to give up .

Dense rain in the south of the Yangtze River , I think of last night , I'm still tossing around beside the ridge to shoot the flowers of Cnidium monnieri , And a few clusters of rape seeds and pods , Green and lovely .

It was fine last night , The moon is full , Reflecting on the water of Wang erhbang, it is sparkling and changing , I also took some pictures with special interest .

A week later , I only look at a few Turtles who don't know good or evil , I also went to see a newly planted red maple outside the courtyard wall .

Red maple is planted on the ground made of crushed lime outside the hospital , Dug a big hole , We dug up some raw soil to fill it up , And shoveled some chicken manure from the chicken coop .

I cut off a third of its leaves , A lot more water , It's just that the ground is too alkaline , I wonder if it will survive ? In a day or two , It's hard to tell from the leaves .

not so bad , The rain is dense in the south of the Yangtze River , It's said that the rain is very acidic now , Rain can neutralize the alkalinity of lime residue ? Unfortunately , This red maple can really live . At least , At the moment , Countless drops of water gather on its bright leaves , It's the beauty that makes my heart beat .

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