My birthday

2021-04-27 22:30:49  作者:Photography

I want to do a romantic thing

Record all the photos of our life

This is our first time together 19 A group photo

Photo time 2011 year 11 month 01 Number

today My birthday

I bought purple mousse

07 The cake my baby bought me that year was purple

From now on I have a good feeling for purple cake

Go to KTV Still baby singing I wish

Go to the video game store A plane tank

I'm always embarrassed to die soon

Then I quietly watched the baby show off how cute and cute he was

Go to the wanghong noodle shop I always wanted to eat Baby, you need a lot of spicy I don't add spicy

But eating, eating When you want spicy food again, take some noodles from the baby bowl

Today, I went out with a small camera

The camera equipment has finally been upgraded a little bit

The picture is finally clearer

Special day Let's take more pictures

in the future Every year's birthday

Whatever you do There's a baby here Just fine

My birthday I am very happy