Who is this girl?

2021-04-27 22:25:15  作者:Photography

Life is clear , Everything is lovely .

I grew up on time , Love more every day ,

Growing up day by day .

Whose girl is as beautiful as a picture ,

Accidentally break into my life .

I can't afford the sun , I can't afford the sun ,

I can't afford the balance in my account ,

The only thing I can sun ,

It's my limited edition cotton padded jacket .

Life is very hard , It's sweet to have you .

A mother , A lifetime of responsibility .

Although a lot of times

You can blow up mom's lungs .

Of course, it's all about you ,

How can you miss every moment of your growth .

Life of ordinary people , Ordinary .

Life day after day , As long as you are happy .

There's always someone , I appreciate you all the time , Warm you .

I hope every day is happy and far away

It's all with you , Come without invitation .

What do you think happiness is ?

Happiness is growing up with you .