Through Sanxi Temple

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After the rain , The beautiful spring is fading away , Summer comes in the warm wind . The drizzle on a spring night produces a hundred grains and moistens all things , On the mountains at the edge of the Western Sichuan Basin , The trees grow new branches and leaves . Wild flowers are blooming all over the forest , The red one 、 Pink 、 Yellow 、 Purple paint box , Decorate a huge green carpet with all kinds of colors .

This late spring season , A group of friends meet at Sanxi temple, Tumen Town, Mianzhu , Look at the mountains, look at the water, look at the flowers, look at the grass , Look at the tea picking girls in Zhaopo tea garden .

Zhaopo tea garden is located on the Bank of kunniu Lake beside Sanxi temple . There is a clear spring under the lake “ Three arrow water ”, The spring is crystal clear , A huge stone at the bottom of the spring , There are three big stone holes on the stone , Three springs gurgle out of the cave , The spring is like a string singing all the year round .

According to the 《 Mianzhu County annals 》 load :“ It is said that King Xiu of Shu raised his troops to , Sima is thirsty , Wang yisanya wishes heaven , Shoot Northwest Mountain foot , Russia and water gusher three .” It is said that Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty Yang Jian ascended the throne , He enfeoffed Shu to his fourth son Yang Xiu , To confer on “ King of Shu ”. The king of Shu stationed in Mianzhu pass , In the northwest of Sichuan Province, the drought happened year after year , Difficulty in drinking water for human and livestock . The king of Shu led the soldiers to the Longmen Mountains to look for water , Along the way, the river dried up , The sun is blazing , Sergeant, the horses are starving . The king of Shu came to Tianshi cave in person , Kneel down and pray for the guidance of the Heavenly Master , Taoist priest of the Heavenly Master presented three feathers of divine arrows . The king of Shu returns , Set up archery platform at the foot of Longmen Mountain , Choose an auspicious day , Thank you so much , He shot the first arrow at the foot of Longmen Mountain in the northwest . Then a soldier was sent to inquire , Soldiers return no water , The king of Shu was angry , Ordered the soldiers to be killed .

Once again, the king of Shu was full of bowstring ,“ Whoosh ” Two arrows in a row , The arrow went straight into the boulder . The king of Shu immediately ordered two soldiers to go to check , The sergeant galloped to the foot of the mountain on horseback , There are three big stone holes on the boulder . But there was no water coming out of the cave , The soldiers dare not return , It happened that a farmer was passing by with a load of oil , The soldiers overturned the oil barrel , Down the stream . Sergeant Pegasus returns , Shout loudly , There's water , There's water , Suddenly, three clear springs gushed out of the cave .

original , What the king of Shu shot was a magic arrow , I'm sorry , When it comes to water , The spring comes out . From then on, this small river is called sheshui river . Because it knocked over the oil bucket , Stones in the river , So far it's black and slippery . It is said that the water of the three arrows can dispel evil and disasters 、 Cure all diseases , More beauty 、 Prolong life , There are still many good men and women , Often come to the river to draw water to taste .

Down the sheshui river for hundreds of meters , There is a thousand year old temple called Sanxi temple , Dignified and magnificent architecture , Ancient temples , The evening drum and the morning bell are burning with incense . In front of the main hall of the temple , There are two osmanthus trees with the thickness of bowl mouth . It's the season of sweet osmanthus in August every year , A golden osmanthus flower , The other one has a silver sweet scented osmanthus , It's called Jingui Yingui . By the release pool , There are also two Acacia Bauhinia trees that are also well-known , The two trees in the lower part of the Bauhinia tree grow independently , The upper part interweaves to form a round door . Every summer when flowers bloom , Bauhinia is in full bloom on the tree crown , The beauty of purple clouds intoxicates the countryside .

famous mountain , Holy water , The ancient temple , Brewing out the precious Sanxi Zen tea . Zhaopo tea garden , Green tea ridges are like terraced fields , Lush and full of life . Every March , The eminent monks of Sanxi temple will chant sutras and pray for the exploitation of new tea , Then I came to the Zen tea garden to hold the ceremony of sprinkling manna , Picking spring tea in front of Ming Dynasty . It is time , Tea picking girls in the mountains , It's like clouds in the sky , Flipping fingers, plucking strings . The melodious tea song is singing in the wind ,“ Green waters and green mountains reflect rosy clouds , Deep in the clouds is my home , Every family has a small basket , Pick tea with blue sky on your back ……” We are late and miss the spring tea season , I didn't see the sprites in the tea garden , Only in a mountain fog aftertaste tea girl's tea song .

Walk through Sanxi temple , A clear spring flows through thousands of spirits in West Sichuan , A taste of Zen tea brings out all kinds of life in the world . The tranquility and peace of the Millennium Temple , To the conversion of my soul .

Zhaopo tea garden

Trapped cow Lake

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