There are always flowers in bloom

2021-04-27 21:54:01  作者:Photography

mei · Sato is here 《 Living alone diary 》 wrote :“ No flowers , I can't survive .”

With flowers , It's like being with friends ; Feel the flowers and trees , It's like feeling life .

Throughout the year , The flowers are in full bloom , And withered again , But there are always flowers in bloom .

《 Hesse 》 stay 《 Wandering soul 》 The poem says :“ People and flowers come to spring / Will wake up / The sick body will be forgiven .”

There are especially many flowers waking up in spring , In the courtyard where I live , Flowers, after you sing, I come on stage , There are always flowers in bloom . Jasmine 、 Wintersweet Flower 、 Bauhinia 、 Green Peach Blossom 、 Pear Blossom 、 Cherry blossoms 、 After the roses bloom , Ushered in the season of the leading role of rose .

In the gardens on both sides of the parking lot , There are roses in different colors , Come and go in a hurry every day , It's just a glimpse of them . This evening , Finally, there's time to get to them , Smell the flowers , Listen to the flowers , Enjoy .

Life is full of busy markets , Full of all kinds of noise , Sometimes I'm tired of , Very upset , And flowers , Always with unique brightness and beauty , Comfort and cure , Let people's heart , Gradually calm down .

The evening sun , It's coming down from between two buildings , On a few pink roses , Layers of petals become transparent and bright , Shanshan is lovely .

Rose has been called since ancient times “ Queen of flowers ”, The flowers are elegant , The flowers are fragrant . I linger in front of flowers , Take a picture of it . When the flower shadow becomes clear in the lens , The trees in the back blur into a green background , My heart is still in this beautiful rose picture , The stress of work and life 、 annoyance , Back off for a while .

If there were no flowers in the world , How boring it will be . Fortunately , No matter what season , What environment , There are always flowers blooming in this world , Or , There is always love in your heart .

Flowers are like stars on the ground , Warm and bright . Whether the world is bright or dark , Whether you are happy or sad in your heart , They're all equally open .

I once saw such a sentence :“ When sorrow and gloom come , Light up your eyes ; When the cold comes , The sun warms your face , Can be full , Never crush . Be able to sing , Never moan .”

There are always flowers in bloom , Can light up your eyes , So! , Live like a flower , Be able to sing , Never moan !