Where is the way out for migrant workers

2021-04-27 21:49:30  作者:Life journey

As a worker , I really want to know where my way out is .

Before entering the society , I never thought that one day I would have to do something I didn't like because of my livelihood . After entering the society , To be honest, I'm confused , I have no idea what I should do . I feel like I don't have a place to stay , I don't know where I should go .

Until forced by life to make the choice you have to make . Then step by step, I became a stranger . The fact proved that , I'm not smarter than anyone else , It's not beyond the ordinary talent . that , What can I do ?

Maybe everyone has his own dream at the beginning , But over time , Dreams will be defeated by reality . In the end, there are still a few people who can remember their original dream ? Even if I remember, what can I do ? More people don't know how to face their dreams .

What I saw , It's all resistance layer by layer , Resistance to success . Maybe every society has this structure , Where is my way out ? Sometimes I really feel like I'm going to give up . But I have to carry the burden . The path you choose , I will go on anyway .

If a road can be easily completed , There must be a lot of people walking on this road , Because people are lazy by nature , No one wants to go on a road full of thorns . But I chose a road like this for myself , Full of frustrations , But if I can finally get to the end , It's bound to get more .

I hope I can go further , Just like the movie 《 Banker 》 That's what the protagonist said , I don't want to be just a driver or a cleaner . I want my love to live in a good house , You don't have to worry about money anymore .

It doesn't matter if I'm a little bit tired , I just don't want my family to suffer with me , I'm willing to carry everything for my family , As long as they can have a good time , I'll be happy with them .

I'm a very easy person to satisfy . If I were alone , As long as there's food , Do you have a place to live , That's all right. . But I have family , They need more , I want to find a way to meet their needs . Love them , Just want to give them more .

Life is always ruthless , Maybe society doesn't know who I am , It has its rules , Everything has to run in its rules . No one can violate , Otherwise, they will be punished mercilessly .

I feel like I have very few choices to make , Without more options , I can only hide my true self , Make yourself seem to have adapted to your life and work . Then quietly waiting for their own time .

There are few ways out for migrant workers , But it's not without , As long as you really work hard , There will always be gains . I believe I can !

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