Are goals and planning necessities of life

2021-04-27 21:42:04  作者:Photography

I saw a topic today : Are goals and plans essential to life ?

From personal understanding , The goal here seems broad , Let's take it as some specific goals for the time being , For example, what kind of certificate do you want to get , How much money to make and so on . And planning , It's a plan to achieve certain goals , For example, how many class hours to complete this month , How many customers to accumulate and so on .

I don't think goals and planning are necessities of life , But I want my life to have goals and plans . Because goals will give me a clearer direction , Give me more motivation . Planning makes my life more orderly , Full and beautiful .

Before this year , I don't think I have any goals or plans , The whole thing is to compare Buddhism . Except a little confused , It seems that on the whole, I'm still happy , Silly happy .

And then from this year on, we set some goals and plans , For example, this year, I set a test for myself + Growth goals , Then in order to achieve the goal, I decided to make breakfast every day 、 Write every day 100 word 、 Meditate every day 、 Listen to class every day 、 Read a book a week 、 Run every week 10 km 、 Monthly review and so on .

In the process of implementation , Obviously I feel like I've grown a lot , More than any other year . It makes me feel more confident , Be happier , Life has become more interesting .

therefore , For me, , In keeping healthy 、 There's plenty of rest 、 On the premise of a happy life , Goals and planning make me better , And I will work hard to achieve my goal . They're not necessities of my life , But it makes my life better . Everyone is different , If everyone can live according to their own ideas , Is the best choice .

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