Hometown (original inlaid couplet)

2021-04-27 21:41:46  作者:Photography

Upper couplet : Xuanwu hook Chen Yuankai Hongmeng ride Meiling Huaihai smile at the cause of life and death, life and death are happy

Lower bound : Chongwen Hongyi Shuai Tong Jingwei Diaolong Tianfu Qilu sincerely seeks benevolence and justice, and benevolence and justice will come

notes : The words embedded in the couplet above are ——

Marshal Chen Yi's hometown is very happy

Upper couplet :

Xuanwu hook 【 Chen 】,【 element 】 Kaihongmeng , Qima Meiling Huaihai , Look at the origin of life and death 【 so 】, Life and death 【 Happy 】

Lower bound :

Chong Wenhong 【 Yi 】,【 handsome 】 Unify longitude and latitude , Dragon carving heaven, Qilu , If we sincerely seek benevolence and righteousness 【 in 】 Benevolence and righteousness must be 【 to 】

Upper couplet : All over the world

Lower bound : It's a great honor

Upper couplet :

Sassou wants to fight north and south. If he is going to return to heaven and earth

Lower bound :

There are still many examples in the history books of Guanghui Zhao

It's a poncho :

military expertise

What's the meaning of guillotine today ? It's hard to start a business

I'm going to Quantai to recruit the old department , A hundred thousand banners and a hundred thousand dead men .

Ten years after the war of the South , This head must hang to the door of the country .

How hard do you work after death , Good news flies to be paper money .

Revolution is home , There is a long way to go .

Take justice for kindness today , Free flowers are planted all over the world .

Today, the unit organized a visit to Lezhi county to study and receive education , With all due respect .