Daily rain

2021-04-27 21:06:24  作者:Life journey

Late at night , Everything is sleeping .

Only the hour hand turns , The sun is blowing , And people who can't sleep in bed for a long time , Especially those with a certain desire .

Want to , It's mostly trouble . Even with a little joy , It's like a flash in the pan , And then it's worry ……

The troubles of the rich , Maybe this or that . Most of the troubles of people without money are money . Whether it's money or anything , It's all human desires .

covetous thoughts , Everyone knows the truth , But it's hard to do it yourself . The difficulty lies in getting in and not arguing right and wrong , Bitterness , It's annoying , Lose their ambition to establish their own .

Everything needs to be safe , Peace of mind . A good mindset , It's meditation .

meditation , It's not as simple as one plus one equals two . But meditation can make sense , All contradictions are naturally diluted . Time is the best running in agent , When the heart is flat , It's when you get something .

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