Who can be used in your address book

2021-04-27 20:39:05  作者:Photography

Another April day on earth , It's a long time , Years are always in a hurry , Wind up , Flowers fall , We tend to walk in the eternal journey of life , Run in the rough , Nirvana in frustration , Sorrow is all over the body , Pain is all over the place , We are tired , But never stop , We suffer , But I can't avoid , Half a life has passed, and dreams are hard to wake up , The paper is dyed with ink, and the night is not over .

Sister Wu on the bed anxiously looks at her mobile phone address book , She had an operation on her toe four days ago , In the morning, the hospital told her that she needed to go to the radiology department to take a film , From the inpatient department to the radiology department, someone had to push her in a wheelchair , But who should she turn to as a retired single woman ?

Ten years ago, sister Wu divorced because she couldn't stand her husband's extramarital affairs , My son worked in other places and became a family , Sister Wu lives with her 80 year old mother , Now she's lying on her own bed , If something else is wrong , She can overcome it alone , The foot injury is really out of the question , Originally, her doctor suggested that her feet should be operated on at the same time , This can solve the problem at one time , Avoid the trouble and suffering of entering the hospital for the second time , But in that case, she can only lie in bed and can't move , You have to have someone around you , None of her generation is not corresponding to the national regulations, only one child has been born , Now my son is thousands of miles away , I don't care about her , She doesn't want to burden her children , So we have to make one foot first , So she can have one leg on the ground , Hands on the wall , Jump to the bathroom .

Human life , Two things , Making a living and seeking love , Make a living and work well , Nourish the body , Extending life ; Love requires a good life , To enrich and nourish the soul , Especially women , All his life , But I want to find someone who can talk , The soul who is comfortable with each other , When I was young , Nothing , Just for him to be nice to her , Fantasy together after , He can really shelter her from the wind and rain , Two people working together , After all those ups and downs , You'll be able to raise your eyebrows , A respectful marriage , Let her have a safe rest of her life .

The ideal is full , Reality is always so bony , Years of living together have proved , He is not a good match , It's not as good as you think , middle-aged , Throw her in the middle , Looking for a new love , On the road to , Not in the mountains, not in the water , It's only in the midst of human feelings , divorce , The dissolution of the relationship between husband and wife , All the year round , Bridge to bridge road to road , One is not two wide , Each is irrelevant , I've arrived at Zhu Yan's mirror , She of Huaci tree , For the rest of my life, I have to bear the wind and rain alone , pain , Can't move the sound and the color ; bitter , There has to be silence , No one will stand with her at dusk , No one asked her if the porridge was warm ; No one twists out the light with her , No one to accompany her, the night is deep .

Sister Wu bears everything silently , On the surface, it looks like the clouds are light , However, every time I can't bear the burden, I will clench my teeth behind , Tears behind the show off , Only she knows , All the strong are soft cocoons , When no one loves you , She can only make herself the toughest armor , The world is not a pure land , Each has its own pain , The world is raining heavily , All things live in peace , For her middle age , A failed marriage , Broken families , The pain she felt was for life , A body of wind and rain, a body of injury , All my life I hate and I'm cool .

In good health , It doesn't seem so sad , Sister Wu has a pension , Enough to protect myself and my old mother's life , She's been single since the divorce and she's free , There's not so much trouble and anger .

After retirement, , Life is getting smaller and smaller , There are fewer and fewer people to contact , I thought about the past and didn't look back , The future will not be , Taste the bitterness and bitterness , Happy, angry, sad and happy , Time is a journey without return , The good and the bad are the scenery , But the immediate difficulty is sister Wu , I watched my child call her seven times a day , She knew that her son was actually thinking about her , It's just that he's powerless , This is the sorrow in the heart of the contemporary only child , You helped me grow up , I will accompany you to old age , May cause , life , The family has already put them on the run , What's more, there is not a short geographical distance .