April 27, 2021: Beipiao makes me a little sad

2021-04-27 20:38:42  作者:Life journey

Take the subway to get vaccinated , It's been a long walk back and forth , The fatigue of my body makes me feel very sad .

The interview call I missed , Let me be more silent .

The toilet in the rental house makes me constipated , It makes me sick all over .

Eating millet porridge and pancakes in my mouth , It makes me feel dull .

Mom called from thousands of miles , I can't get around what I eat , What job to look for , A civil servant , How nice to be a state-owned enterprise .

The consulting teacher said it was good for me , But doing something to hurt me , It makes me feel stupid to pay by mistake .

The towel in the bathroom of the rental house makes me feel sick , The hair in the bathroom makes me sick , I'm sick of the kitchen sink full of leftovers , Empty cartons all over the room , The empty bottle full of eyes makes me wonder .

The delivery boy is shy and scratching his head , Impress .

The vaccinated doctor helped me press off the blood and throw away the cotton swab , be moved .

A hug from a girlfriend , warm .

Professor, I'll send back the email every second , be moved .

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