Time to let go

2021-04-27 20:38:35  作者:Photography

Different families , They have different views on parenting .

How old are you going to make your child independent ?

Before primary school ? It seems unlikely that , The child is too small . But you can develop basic living habits .

Grade one or two ? That's the critical period for children to develop their homework habits , This is the time to let go , It's killing the baby for the rest of his life . The rudiments of early childhood , In this period of time , How strict are you with him , How good he is .

After fifth and sixth grade ? You can let go , The premise is that the child has formed a good habit of homework . without , We need to mend now , Parents work hard , Keep an eye on it , Tighten up .

life in the future , To let go ! But the general direction should be grasped , The principle of life , The goal of learning should be well guided . As for learning , Let's forget the current situation , We should let the children calm down and study hard , Even if you fail , He can also get new inspiration from it . If you can't afford to lose , I will never let go .