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At seven o'clock in the evening , Report that the show begins , The auditorium of the division headquarters was packed , Even the aisle is full of soldiers with their own ponies .

Ruirui, step on the stage , It's a professional announcement :“ The performance of the propaganda team of the division headquarters starts now , The first program : Cello Solo , The movie 《 Visitors from the iceberg 》 episode :《 I miss my comrades in arms 》 . Her voice is crisp, sweet and beautiful , With a nice Beijing flavor .

The East army was arranged to be the first to appear , The captain's heart is like a louse on a bald head , Dongjun is worthy of being a young and old actor , I saw him playing very calmly , Eyes down , Look intoxicated , The cello gives off a weeping voice , When he plays to “ When I say goodbye to my comrades in arms , It's like the avalanche is rolling , ah , Dear comrades in arms , I can't see you again , A kind face ......” The heroic spirit is mixed with the sadness and solemn and stirring of the loss of comrades in arms , The interpretation of blazing emotion is like the shaking snow mountain , Instantly penetrate the hearts of the soldiers , A lot of people are in tears .

After the applause , The platoon leader of the communication company stood up and yelled :“ Do you want another one ?” “ want !” The shouts of the soldiers shook the hall , The atmosphere is unprecedented .

The eastern army is not ambiguous , At the sign of the captain , Come back in a big way , Played another tune on a horse head organ 《 horse racing 》, His head and shoulders sway to the rhythm , The soldiers seemed to see the galloping grassland , Everyone was hit by the expression of Matouqin's praise , After the performance , The applause continued for a long time .

It's like playing in a challenge arena , The second program is Zhiyong's Accordion solo 《 Fighting tiger and climbing the mountain 》, Zhiyong's skin is very white , The facial features are upright and handsome , It's a city soldier at a glance , He pursed his lips , There is confidence and pride in my eyes . Sure enough , He plays with great momentum , The rhythm is clear , And this song is familiar to everyone , It sounds natural and kind , Soon , The soldiers' cheers almost overturned the roof of the auditorium .

After the thunderous applause stopped , Zhiyong didn't step down , It's looking back on the stage , Waiting for the captain's instructions , When the captain yelled at him :“ Next time you're going to be a different face ”, He said into the microphone :“ Now I'm going to play a song for you 《 Saber dance 》, It's a Soviet song , It shows the scene of the collective battle dance of the kurts before they went to war .” Zhiyong's voice is very nice , Enunciation and its standard , Like a radio announcer .

The soldiers looked in admiration , With the accordion, Zhiyong played this dance music with strong rhythm, fast and unrestrained perfectly , It vividly shows the quick and fierce character of the kurts .

It's over , He didn't give the audience time to clap , It's just another Solo 《 Wild bees fly 》, I saw his fingers flying through , It's like a swarm of wild bees is sweeping through the field , The soldiers' eyes fell to the ground , Soldiers who haven't heard this song think the cavalry are besieged by bees .

I saw Zhiyong on the stage pulling more and more hi , The audience under the stage was intoxicated , The fact is that he started the third song without thinking about it , It's because I see beautiful Joan staring at herself , This hope makes Zhiyong like a peacock , I didn't realize I was messing up the order of the show .

The announcer Ruirui whispers to Junfang ,“ I don't like a monitor , He's too expressive , The mouth is greasy , It's like a Peking duck .” Ruirui who just arrived in the army , At this time, I didn't realize that a monitor's decision had broken the discipline of the propaganda team . Junfang said :“ It doesn't matter whether you like it or not , It's Joan's love that matters , You don't smell smoke !”

here , The captain's eyes are bursting out , He felt that his dignity had been trampled on , Zhiyong's self assertion is too much , If it doesn't stop in time , It's possible to fall out in the future . Look at that kid's right , It's a lack of repair . But Zhiyong doesn't know , He also thought that he had won glory for the propaganda team !

The next program :“ Milking dance ” , Ruirui newspaper leaves the stage , The show goes on . Have to take , There are so many unique skills of Beijing soldiers , Cross talk , Magic , The last piece of Pingju “ Chaoyang ditch ” They won the love of the soldiers , The performance was pushed to a climax .

As soon as the show is over , Zhiyong was trained by the team leader :“ Why are you in such a hurry to show yourself ?” “ I'm winning glory for our propaganda team ! You don't see the teacher sitting in the front row , I'm fascinated ?” Zhiyong wanted to make fun of the atmosphere , But seeing the captain's angry expression , I'm too scared to make a sound .

“ This is personal heroism , Ignoring the discipline of the army , Just like you do , Act as you like , That's not a mess !” Zhiyong is silent , Realize that you've made a mistake , Looking at the captain with two eyes, he said that .

The captain has a good attitude when he sees Zhiyong admit his mistake , The tone can't help easing down :“ You are the backbone , We must take the lead and set a good example . We're going to be in company soon , It's too late to rehearse new programs , We have to build on the old program , Pick out some good ones . Tomorrow you will discuss with the second monitor Dongjun , See what's right . however , What happened today , You can't muddle through , You're going to write an in-depth review and speak in your early name tomorrow .” Zhiyong hesitated for a moment , But soon he stood up straight , Make a stand at attention , Speak up :“ yes , captain ”, Then he went out with a less standard military salute .

Joan has a good feeling for Zhiyong , From Beijing to the army , Along the way, Zhiyong took care of her like a big brother , This made Joan's heart warm and relaxed , I grew up at home , My brother is the one who protects himself , Leaving home right now , There's another man like my brother around , It's lucky .

Joan is a simple girl , I grew up with good looks , Boys like it all the time , She's also used to being surrounded by people , Sometimes there is a little complacency , When there are some small difficulties, someone will come forward to help her , After the event , She always said with a big smile :“ Thank you !” And then buy that guy a popsicle in return .

When it comes to the army , Joan is seventeen years old , But there's still no girlfriend or boyfriend , Transparent like a drop of water , Plus, she's got a lively nature , She's always happy when someone comes , All day long , Everyone thinks she has no heart .

Dongjun was deeply attracted when he first saw qionger , She didn't know . therefore , The two boys are reporting the fight and contest during the performance , Joan had nothing to do with herself .

Now Joan and Reilly say :“ Look at my bangs , It's blocking my eyes so fast , It's my mom who cuts it at home , I can't do it myself .”

“ I can't cut it either , Wanyi is broken , It looks silly , Don't blame me !”

“ Can't , You can cut it ! Anyway, after wearing this big military uniform , I can't see any silly girls !” Joan said , Give him a pair of scissors .

Ruirui is cutting , One side said :“ The presentation last night was very popular , Who do you think is the best player ?”

“ It's all great ! The soldiers live in this desert village , There are no entertainment programs , It's rare to see such a wonderful performance .” Joan spoke with sympathy for the soldiers .

“ I didn't ask you that , I mean the performance of Zhiyong and Dongjun , Who do you think is better ?”

“ They're both good ! But the horse head Qin of the eastern army was played more deeply , His expression is also very sincere , Like a pure Mongolian man !”

“ He is Mongolian ! You don't know yet , He grew up on the prairie ! He doesn't have a surname .” Ruirui's expression is a little exaggerated .

“ You can do it ! It's all clear so soon , You don't like people anymore ?” Joan joked .

“ What are you talking about , Be careful the instructor talks to you . We are all the people of genhong miaozheng , How dare you have such a mind .” Ruirui said , But his face turned red .

The hair curtain has been cut , It's so neat , It looks silly , Ruirui said :“ I have something to say first , You can't blame me , Look in the mirror ! Look at yourself , Does it look similar? 《 The story of Liubao 》 Chunni inside ?”

Joan looked into the little mirror , Muttering :“ It's really stupid , It looks like a village girl .” But she was quick to smile , Don't mind saying :“ So it is better to , There's another beauty .”

Ruirui said enviously :“ You're beautiful , It's all beauties .” And then he sang :“ It's a sunny day , My 18-year-old brother is sitting by the river .” There is something in her song , People who listen to it don't taste it .

The afternoon sun shines on the earthquake shelter , A wasp is golden by the sun , Fly by the window , Next door came the noise of the art soldiers practicing the piano .

That night , The women soldiers were lying on the Datong bunk, chattering and not sleeping . It's been two days since the presentation , They are still immersed in it and excited .

Junfang sleeps next to Joan , She whispered in her ear :“ Joan , You look so good , Why don't you have a boyfriend ?”

“ I don't have a boyfriend , There are two reasons , One is that nobody looks up to , The other is that no one looks up to .”

“ What to learn? Zhu Ziqing , Who didn't know there were two trees in his yard , One is a jujube tree , The other is also a jujube tree .” Ruirui, who is sleeping on the other side, is talking .“ Who is Zhu Ziqing ? The son of Zhu Yuanzhang ?” Joan asked .“ I really convinced you , Does Zhu have to be a family ? You are really a distant relative of pigs .” Ruiruidao . Joan put out her tongue , She blushed lovingly .

Junfang smiles in the dark , She didn't go to correct “ Two jujube trees ” It's Lu Xun's patent , With the girls . We have been practicing piano and dancing since childhood , Basically, I haven't used culture class , It's common to make mistakes in your speech , Team leaders and instructors are used to it , They think that the key to literary and art soldiers is their professional standards , Everything else can be ignored .

Junfang found a truth : As long as girls are beautiful , How ignorant will become lovely , And Joan's humor can always help her solve all kinds of embarrassments .

Joan added :“ Jun Fang , I really don't understand , Eat wire noodles every day , How can I get fat like my hair ? however , Chocolate always appears in my piano box these days .” “ Who put it ? Why I never ?” “ You always look like Liu Hulan , Dayi lingran , Scared away, too .” “ You are not afraid to eat other people's short mouth ?” “ Not afraid of , I'm open-minded , There are no military secrets .”

Joan sighed and said :“ Ah , It's just that the bra is too tight , No way! ! A lot of clothes are small !” “ You really grow up , How can all the meat run to the chest ? Look at our barren . however , I'm flat chested. I'm proud , I save cloth for my motherland .” Junfang said , A few girls were all laughing .

The instructor began to thump against the wall , The women soldiers immediately quieted down , Gentle purrs came and went .

It's warm inside , Datong shop is very crowded , It's really warming up in groups .

outside , The strong northwest wind is roaring by , It turns the snow all over the sky , Fill up the ravine 、 Buried the road .

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