Daily life with my brother (3)

2021-04-27 19:55:13  作者:Life journey

My brother sent me a message , I can feel his helplessness and pain from his words . And I don't know how to comfort him . I can feel his pain , That's why , It's more difficult for me to express it in words .

My brother is a very poor child , Because his mother always wanted to make a fortune , On the road of MLM , Dream of getting rich overnight , Spent all the family savings , As a result, my younger brother dropped out of school at a very young age and went out to work , Pay for mother's debt . But my mother didn't know how to repent , The money my brother desperately earns is always less than his mother's debt . The poor brother also fantasized about saving enough money to go back to school one day .

In these days , The younger brother found out that his mother had borrowed money from her relatives and friends , I got online loan again . My younger brother looked at the notice sent to his mother by the online loan company . The mood is almost broken , He can't understand why other people's children can be loved by their parents , You can read without worry on campus , He has to work early to earn money , And suffer from this hopeless devastation .

My younger brother is a very strong child , He won't accept anyone's help , He would rather work hard bit by bit , I don't want to accept gifts from others , Because he knew someone else had helped for a while , Can't help him for a lifetime , He felt like he had hands and feet , He will realize his dream through his own efforts .

He always wanted to go back to school , I had hoped to help him, too , But he refused . I'm willing to respect him , I'm not sticking to it . When he knew that his mother had spent all the money she had saved for school , When I still owe online loans . How bad his mood is .

My brother seldom tells me bad things , Even if he's in a bad mood , He also brought it with him . So I can only piece together the whole story in his words . As I have , When he asked me how I was doing . If I'm in a bad mood , I would say it's not surprising . In fact, he knows a little bit about it 、 I'm not really good . When we're all in a bad mood , We're all silent , Kill yourself .

In this world , For us , There are only two kinds of people , One is that it has nothing to do with me , People who have nothing to do with me , You don't care about my happiness and sadness , Why should I tell you ; One is related to me , People who are related to me , My happiness I hope you see , How can I make you sad when I feel sad , So I can't say . As the saying goes , Share one's happiness with another , It's the happiness of two people , One person's sadness is said to another person , It's just two people grieving , Then why another one .

I'm really worried about my brother , But it was his mother after all , I can't choose for him , I can understand his mood , Because I feel the same way , The pain of powerlessness , It's really unforgettable , And helpless . I only wish his mother could come back one day earlier , Let my brother suffer less .

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