Into the window of dawn

2021-04-27 18:30:27  作者:Life journey

The Ming dynasty literati Zhu Zhishan has a couplet saying :“ In the window , Sunset village selling wine .” mean , Tea in the window , Buy wine and go to sunset village , in other words , There is a teahouse in Xiaochuang , Sunset village is a wine shop . Such a village is fascinating .

My friend Mr. Zhu's house is in Xiaochuang , On that day, he sent photos of swallows building nests in his house and roses blooming on the wall , It was praised by friends in the group . We seem to see the swallows flying out and into the busy scene in teacher Zhu's house , Also seems to smell the intoxicating fragrance of the rose tree . The dragonfly teacher in the group suggested to go to Miss Zhu's house to see the rose flowers , Let's meet and go together .

Xiaochuangli is located in Xukou, Wuzhong, Suzhou , I worked in Xukou for five years 、 Six years , On the edge of Yijian River . It is said that the spring and Autumn period , When Xi Shi was on Lingyan mountain, she had to go to Xiangshan mountain to pick herbs , In order to please Xishi, the king of Wu bent his bow and arched straight at Xiangshan , Send someone to dig the river , That river is the arrow river .

Yesterday morning (4 month 26 Japan ), The sun seems to know my mind , The sun is shining all over the earth . About dragonflies and other teachers , Drive to Xiaochuang .

In the window of dawn , Miss Zhu told us ,“ There is also a legend that Emperor Qianlong went to Jiangnan , To the west mountain of Taihu Lake , When I was passing by our village , The sun has just risen , The rising sun is near the window , So we named the village “ In the window of dawn ”. On the way back , When we passed our village again , The sun is just about to set , There is also a village to the west of the river , therefore , Name the village “ Sunset village ”.”

Into the window , The rows of villas are well arranged , The village is full of lush trees , It seems quiet and peaceful . Ahead is Mr. Zhu's house , The pink roses on the wall swayed gently in the breeze , It's like meeting us , Miss Zhu is also waiting for us at the door .

Rush to the rose , The fragrance of flowers came to my nose , Intoxicating . The loquat tree on the other side sticks out its head , It seems to say hello to us , As if to say , Don't forget that I have Huang cancan's loquat for you right away .

Come into the yard , That's the spring in the garden .

( To be continued )

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