Black and white snipe birds flock, angels spread their wings to show auspiciousness

2021-04-27 18:30:15  作者:Photography

Black and white Snipes flock together , Angels spread their wings

Last Saturday , April 24 , Become the luckiest and most unforgettable day in my bird shooting experience . I met a group of black and white angels , In the clear sky , Show its elegant posture and intoxicating charm ! One of my favorite birds , Black necked stilt , black-necked stilts. This is the third time I've seen swarms of black necked stilts in the swamp . The first two times , They're all in shallow water on the ground . This time, we captured the beautiful scenery of them swimming in the air . The whole capture is less than a minute , But it was the most selfless and intoxicating minute , remember , Still happy .

Let's love nature , Love life and life , Let's protect nature together , Protect wildlife , Build a harmonious and beautiful earth home !