How long can women talk in private

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I've never been a talker , I like to listen to others . But if it happens to be the same frequency , You can also speak freely , Can't stop .

My cousin and sister-in-law are from Xi'an , I chatted with my sister-in-law all day , I'm angry and I don't feel well , Almost dumb ……

How long can women talk in private ? children

Read a sentence :“ There are three things a woman can't hide : poor 、 cough , And being a mother .”

The first thing we talked about was children . My cousin has two daughters , Sweet and sweet , The big one is Beibei , In second grade , The little one is sissy , Go to the kindergarten class .

My sister-in-law said that Beibei wrote her homework at more than 10 o'clock every night , Sometimes I have to take a tutorial class , Later . The dance class I signed up for is provincial “ Little swan ”, It's not anyone who wants to get on , For years , The teacher said that the child's condition is very good , So they don't want to give up .

“ Maybe when she grows up, she will thank her mother for forcing her and her hard-working self !”

After the dance class , Dinner is all pinched , It's over in ten minutes , Hurry up and do your homework . The child said his leg hurt , So my mother rubbed her legs and put calcium tablets into her mouth , Encourage her to hold on …… My sister-in-law said that sometimes I feel tired , Accompanying adults are more tired , Working all day and tutoring children's homework at night .

Think about Dabao and Xiaobao , It's too easy ! Dabao has been a radio host before 、 calligraphy 、 Drum kit , After the first grade, I lost the drum , After the fourth grade, the broadcasting host and calligraphy were also lost , Usually just finish the homework assigned by the teacher in class and after class , I didn't attend any tutorial class for two days at the weekend .

Xiaobao is more , I only took LEGO at school , I didn't attend any other specialty class . I usually make a lot of noise at home , Watch cartoons 、 play football 、 Playing with top 、 Play house , Such a carefree childhood often makes me angry .

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My sister-in-law's father died of illness a few years ago , Mom's been helping them with their kids , During the growth of the two children, grandma played an important role .

The old man has a good attitude , Go out and dance in your spare time 、 Travel with a group . My sister-in-law said that she envied my father and mother for supporting and cuddling with each other , It felt like her mother was alone , They go to work on weekdays , Or you should have a companion to talk to .

Once a year ago, she was scared , Mom goes downstairs to throw the garbage , I came back to find her pale , There's no blood on the lips , She asked mom what happened to you , I poured her a glass of water , Then the water cup slowly slipped down , Mom fainted , At that time 120, Take it to the hospital , Check around , Heart and blood pressure are OK , My sister-in-law said that this is the most worrying , If the children are not around , The consequences are unimaginable .

The third aunt is my cousin's mother-in-law , Sometimes they fly to Xi'an to help them with their children for a period of time , Let the in laws go back home to have a rest for a while .

If both old people are there , One south one North , Living habits, eating habits and parenting ideas are very different , Even though it's kind on the surface , I must feel uncomfortable in my heart .

There are only two brothers and sisters at home , Her brother and my brother are the same age , I haven't got a family yet , I usually work in my hometown in Chongqing , There's been a lot of trouble these years . She said to her brother with all her heart :“ Don't get married if you don't have a sense of responsibility .” She said she and her mother had no other demands on her brother , Just be healthy and safe .

I heard that I'm going to visa to Japan recently What does Ben do as an exchange student , My sister-in-law said :“ Let him go ! I don't expect him to provide for the aged anyway , My mother has to live with me .”

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