2021-04-08 12:16:02  作者:Photography

There are some herbs beside the wall of the neighbor's house : The leaves are lush , Flowers bloom , It's like a trumpet , It's like a lily , The design is pink and charming , It's fragrant . I pass by every day , Will stop , Stop for a moment .

The plants in the pot have large bulbs , Green leaves linear or banded , The midrib is obviously depressed .

The stem is hollow , Umbels with flowers 2 To many , There are bracts below 2 gold ; Each flower has a bract below it 1 gold ; Big flowers , Funnel shaped , Horizontal development or slightly drooping ; Perianth tube short , Thin and long , There are small scales in the throat , petals 6 The segments are nearly equal in length or the inner wheel is narrower , It's pink , Orange red , With white stripes ; Stamens inserted at the throat of perianth tube , A little down , filiform 、 Linear or linear oblong , T-shaped ; Ovules are numerous , The pollen is pale yellow , The style is long and drooping , Stigma capitate or 3 crack .

“ aunt , Your lilies are in full bloom , It's beautiful !” I'm taking pictures , While admiring !

“ You've lost your eye , These flowers are called vermilion !” The neighbor's aunt corrected with a smile .

“ It turns out that they are red on top of the red ! I got to know another kind of flower , Thank you aunt .” I smile and thank you . I can't help touching the pink petals , so much that one cannot bear to part with it .