The ugly Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang: burning brothers and murdering meritorious officials have never been so cruel

2021-04-08 11:36:52  作者:Photography

Zhu Yuanzhang, emperor of the Ming Dynasty , From a little beggar to a powerful first emperor step by step , The establishment of a unified Ming Dynasty in Chinese history , He is also a very promising emperor , The final conclusion of eternal fame , It is strange that later generations are most impressed by this ugly looking Zhu Yuanzhang not by his achievements, but by his extremely vicious political means .

The first cruel means is to kill the meritorious officials . After Zhu Yuanzhang took the throne , Think of yourself as a beggar rich Emperor , I'm sure a lot of people don't agree , I'm worried about the rebellion of these high ranking officials , So it's better to start first . In celebration of the new emperor's ascendancy , Zhu Yuanzhang ordered people to build a new pine and bamboo building , The site of the banquet was specially placed in the pine bamboo building , All the meritorious officials are waiting for the new emperor's reward , At the banquet, the officials were in high spirits , glut oneself with delicacies , Everyone got drunk , At this time, only one person is the most sober , That's Zhu Yuanzhang , Looking at the fallen officials , His eyes are wide , He ordered his confidants to set a fire in the pine and bamboo building , Pine and bamboo are flammable , It's on fire , In addition, people are too drunk to have strength , I was burned to death , A fire makes all the brothers who follow him become ghosts in the fire , This ruthlessness has never been seen in history .

The second cruel means is to assassinate loyal officials . Liu Boxian, a minister of Ming Dynasty , To be a master of learning , Know astronomy and geography , He solved many doubtful and important cases for Zhu Yuanzhang , In order to consolidate the rule of Zhu Yuanzhang , It was such a wise minister who was determined to be the main one that Zhu Yuanzhang regarded as a thorn in the flesh , Because Zhu Yuanzhang was a beggar , There is no learning in itself , So I hate those learned people most , Because there is no handle , He can't punish Liu Bowen , So he authorized Li Shanchang 、 Hu Weiyong and others falsely accused Liu Bowen , And Zhu Yuanzhang judged the muddle case again , Reject Liu Bowen's plea for innocence , Bent on his own way, he killed Liu Bowen , Poor ghost talent Liu Bowen was convicted of this , die an untimely on , This adds infinite tragic color to Liu Bowen's death .

The third cruel means is to exploit the countryside , Turn your face and don't recognize people . Zhu Yuanzhang ascended the throne step by step from a remote Fengyang , I should have sympathized with my neighbors , For the happiness of hometown , However, Zhu Yuanzhang increased the collection of exorbitant taxes and levies from the villagers , Increase the Corvee System , Let originally rich Fengyang make the people live in dire straits , That Fengyang people use children's songs to satirize Zhu Yuanzhang's ingratitude : Fengyang , Dao Fengyang , Fengyang is a good place , Since the birth of Emperor Zhu , Ten years is nine years .

An Emperor Zhu from troubled times , The Ming Dynasty was built by speculation and ruthlessness , He thought that relying on his self righteous indiscriminate killing of innocent people, he could always keep the Ming Dynasty as stable as a rock , His descendants will be king for all ages . In the 31st year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang passed away , Before the bones are cold , The events of national movement that have influenced the Ming Dynasty for hundreds of years have happened , This is it. : Jingnan battle , All Zhu Yuanzhang's plans were disrupted by the bloodbath that swept through China , The new emperor was abolished 、 Their own policies were withdrawn , All the toil of life was almost abolished , Lying in the coffin, Zhu Yuanzhang never thought , All the retribution for the killing he made during his lifetime was borne by his grandson Zhu Yunwen , In this way, a newly established new emperor disappeared in Chinese history for thousands of years behind the back of Zhu Yuanzhang's killing retribution , This test !