From the power of the subconscious: "what you want to achieve" is not a wish, not a miracle, but a fact

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When I was in my forties , I met 《 The power of the subconscious 》 This book , It's too late to meet it , More precious , From then on , It's always with me , Put it in the most prominent position on the desk .

A pale yellow cover , Quiet and warm , Just a look at the title , Read it “ The power of the subconscious ” This a few word , You can calm my heart down , You should know how to do it right now .

When you meet it , It's when my mind is in chaos , Adolescent growth , Bring me a lot of unprecedented 、 Unexpected changes , In addition, the day of high school entrance examination is approaching day by day , anxious 、 but 、 All kinds of feelings pour out together .

A day at the National Library , I want to make it quiet , Calm me down ; From the sea of books , Find a light .

It can't be said that there is no harvest , But to little effect , There are many cases in the book , The analysis is also well founded , When reading , It's often watched , Just close the book , I think it's just “ fish ”, Instead of “ fishing ”.

Until my friend sent me a copy 《 The power of the subconscious 》, On a weekend , In her office , We each have one , read 、 Extract 、 communication , Every word goes into my heart .

This book , Let me see in parenting , Mistakes made ; It also calms the current upset and nervous mood ; Let me know what I should do in the future .

“ To make a difference in your world , You have to change your heart first .”

What books used to change is my behavior , I'm a copycat , The more you want to go , It's getting worse ; What this book has changed is my thinking habits , Let your heart be rich 、 The sun is shining .

As the book says “ If you compare the mind to a garden , So you are the gardener of this garden ”.

The soil in the garden is fertile , No matter what seed you plant , Will blossom and bear fruit , The idea we have every day is the seed , Namely “ because ”, And everything around you is the fruit , It's the result of that “ fruit ”.

The fruit is concrete , What is really in front of us , Or rich , Or weak ; Or joy , Or sour . Facing the latter , A lot of people are dizzy , I'm complaining and venting my dissatisfaction ; Some people are not willing to , Find out why , Seems to have found the source , For example, he gave up halfway on the way of persistence , The choice of the intersection misjudged the situation , I am angry with my family in the busy morning , Staying up late at night, playing games, being late, etc .

Among the many sources, only the heart is ignored .

Actually , Thought is the first cause ! It's a picture deep in the subconscious , Shaped you now . If the heart is full of peace 、 Joy 、 health 、 good 、 blessing 、 Encouragement, etc , Then life will be the same .

The subconscious is like a faithful servant , It doesn't know what's good , What is bad , Faithfully carrying out the orders given to it by everyone's mind , Including the negative thoughts, of course , It will be executed unconditionally , And turn it into reality .

I have an example around me :

There are a group of children the same age as my son in the community , They went to kindergarten and primary school together , Nine years together . Because of the children , Parents set up groups , Become friends , Often meet to play and chat , Among them, Lele's mother often praises her children , Just talk and talk , The content is all kinds of good , From head to toe , From the inside to the outside .

In fact, Lele is not outstanding in our eyes , If you don't pay attention in class, you are often left behind by the teacher , Not as good as the other kids in the group , I'm a little fat, too . Parents know it , In the face of Lele's mother , We should all listen to it peacefully , After a long time , Everybody's tired of it , I don't want to listen any more , Some activities are not called her any more , In the same neighborhood for so many years , We all know the root and the bottom , What's more, the parents of Xueba children in the group are very low-key and modest .

Year after year , Lele's mother still praises , With the upgrading of mobile phones , Her praise has changed from offline to online , Words change into pictures , Pictures become videos , It's all kinds of exaggeration .

The miracle just happened , Lele is really more and more like her mother's description , A little bit more , I entered the ideal school in the high school entrance examination .

On the other hand, parents who are modest , The child is not as good as ever .

Read page by page 《 The power of the subconscious 》 This book , I think of the story of Lele , I recall all kinds of stories around me , I have to admit the power of the subconscious , admit “ May all your wishes come true ” It's not a wish , It's not a miracle , It's the truth .

There are many such cases in the book , It's all over the place 、 The characters , This is Joseph · The fruits of Murphy's life , Achievements tested by many practices .

Joseph · Murphy is a respected thinker and psychologist , It's philosophy 、 Doctor, doctor , yes “ Subconscious power ” The originator of the movement , He spent nearly 50 Years of time , By letter 、 writing 、 adviser 、 Speeches and other forms , Spread the law of life and the inner meaning of life to the world .

I often use these two sentences in the book to remind myself :

The subconscious is like a darkroom for developing film , Your external state of life , It's all washed out of this place .

Arouse the power of the subconscious , You will have a perfect personality , Peace of mind , Lasting happiness , Endless joy ......

Thank you for reading , I'm grid .

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