I've been in the headlines for more than 400 days, only three fans, isn't it too sad!

2021-04-08 11:01:41  作者:Photography

Before you know it, it's in the headlines 400 It's been many days , Only three fans .

I've been writing in Jane's book before , At first, no one was watching , It's backed by a period of persistence , Fans are soaring , Up to one or two thousand , I was really excited at that time , Even though I don't see much profit .

People are like this , Give and get , Will be more motivated ! Later I found that jianshubei can also change money , It's more positive ! There is time every day , I'd love to be in a simple book .

I was busy for a while , It didn't update much , Go back to the simple book , I found that I couldn't find the jianshubei market .

So I want to find another way out , That's the headline , But I found that I didn't have the enthusiasm that I had when I entered the bamboo slips , Once in a while, I just went in to have a look

Someone like me , When will headlines be profitable !