Dispute over transfer: the fusion of eastern and Western cultures

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The Tao is recorded in the text , Learning and understanding . Let's start with two stories from the East and the West , Dialectically treat the culture of alienation .

The story of Kong Rong rang li

Dispute over alienation : Eastern and Western cultures

one day , Kong Rong's father brought a plate of pears , My father called Kong Rong, and the seven brothers started to choose from the youngest , I picked the biggest one first , Kong Rong picked the smallest pear .

Kong Rong said : I'm young , You should eat small pears , I'll give the rest of the pears to my brothers !

My father was very surprised , He asked : That brother is younger than you, too ?

Kong Rong said , Because I'm a brother , My brother is younger than me , So I should let him .

Kong Rong keeps the story of pear alive , Become an example of many parents educating their children .

The story of John fighting for Apple

Dispute over alienation : Eastern and Western cultures

A man named John in the West said , One day when I was a child, my mother brought some apples of different sizes , My brothers and I are all fighting for the big one .

Mother holds the reddest and biggest apple in her hand , Say to us : The children , This apple is the reddest, the biggest and the best , You all have a right to him , But there's only one big apple , What shall I do? ?

Now let's play a game , I divided the lawn in front of the door into three parts , All three of you together , Trim it , Who does the fastest ? The best one has the right to it !

It turned out that John did the best job himself , Won the biggest apple !

Dispute over alienation : Eastern and Western cultures

The debate between eastern and Western cultures

Kong Rong let pear and Johnson fight for apple , In essence, they are two different educational and cultural ideas , If not guided properly , There will be a situation of letting pears on the surface and competing for pears in the dark .

We often see a phenomenon , Some people pretend to pick the smallest interests , The results were praised , In the end, it's in the best interest .

The contractual spirit of a society , It's not based on tolerance , It's through constant competition , So as to form an agreed rule , Let the explicit rule defeat the implicit rule , To create a social contract , Finally, it will promote the perfection of the society ruled by law .

Dispute over alienation : Eastern and Western cultures

The fusion of eastern and Western cultures

The reason for supporting Kong rongrang pear is :

1. It helps to create a harmonious and friendly atmosphere ;

2. It is conducive to maintaining a stable and United environment ;

3. It is beneficial to the vulnerable groups . John's argument for apple is that :

1. It is conducive to the cultivation of a sense of fair competition ;

2. Conducive to the cultivation of positive and progressive spirit ;

3. It's good for preventing getting something for nothing ;

4. It is conducive to promoting social progress . Examine the rationality and interrelationship of the two arguments :

Both arguments are partly reasonable , They are in opposition , Kong Rong let Li stand to protect the weak 、 The position of promoting harmony , And John's fight for apple is standing in favor of the strong 、 A position to encourage competition .

Find out the limits of each of the two arguments :

1. In families or in environments where vulnerable groups need to be protected , Kong Rong let pear practice be established ;

2. In the workplace or in an environment where development and progress need to be encouraged , John's argument for apple can stand up . Integrate different points of view with a unified discussion :

1. From encouraging fair competition 、 Respect personal struggle 、 From the perspective of promoting social progress , John's fight for apple is worth advocating ;

2. From the protection of vulnerable groups 、 Keep the world warm 、 From the perspective of promoting social harmony , Kong Rong's practice of making pears is worth advocating .

3. In family and friends and life , Advocate mutual humility ; In society and in the workplace , Encourage fair play .

Be modest to the weak , Competition should be advocated for the strong , This is the fusion of eastern and Western cultures , Moral embellishes people's hearts , Fa'an world , We should combine morality with the rule of law 、 Cooperation and competition 、 Society and market 、 Both fairness and efficiency , We will promote a harmonious and beautiful life and improve the quality of life .

Extended story : Old women in the East and the West eat grapes , One picks the bad first , One chooses the best to eat first .

Dispute over alienation : Eastern and Western cultures

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