2021-04-08 10:29:14  作者:Photography

It's today 4 month 8 On Thursday the th . It's fine , No, it's kind of cloudy .

I'm getting up late today , about 7:00 Get out of bed , After getting up and washing 7:18 ,7:18 Then I went downstairs . I'll go downstairs for a while 7:20, have breakfast . I had a cup of millet porridge , And an egg , Add another fried dough stick , A luxury .

I really don't know what to write every day , So I record my life in the way of notes . Record the same life every day , The record of life is different , Life in the repeated will always find some different luster .

City management is coming again , Pie , Kebabs , Pancake fruit , They all flew away . In front of the apartment door, a large area was emptied in an instant , The breakfast buyer and the breakfast seller are gone .7:43 My little friend hasn't come out yet , Probably 7:50 Just to the door of the apartment , We need to wait 7 minute .

After a while, the first sentence of colleagues must be “ ah , The food is gone ? City management is coming again ? alas , Come on come on , Go to the company !” It's basically like this every day . But at this time the sun hit on people, giving people a warm , Otherwise, it will be a little cold this morning .

After a while, the Chengguan in front of the gate left , The peddlers went round and round again . For us , Activities like games , For them, it's called livelihood . In the repeated tug of war , It's the whole of a day . Of course, there is also the sound of WeChat or Alipay wallet arrival ,~~~ Ding Dong , The red envelope arrives at the account 5 element , The red envelope arrives at the account 10 element , The red envelope arrives at the account 8 element ……… It pays off , Right ! By chance, Chengguan also came back , The peddler opens his own little tricycle , After a while, Tulu ran away again ……

I feel a little depressed as soon as I get to the company , It's not because of yesterday . After all, I know the virtue of the company , Find problems, deal with problems , It doesn't exist here , It's the person who finds the problem that needs to be dealt with , That's normal . And the most harsh words , The familiar exception is not called exception .

Yes , That's not really unusual , That's habit . It's like walking alone , Take the same road every day , Fall at the same place every day , Wrestling every day , After falling for a long time, he got used to it , Wrestling became his routine . This is what I see in the company , Everyone is avoiding the fact that the problem has happened .

Actually, I know that they are not avoiding problems , They're avoiding dealing with problems , After all, it's laziness . alas ! Don't say the , I'm not flattered if I say too much . After all, we are just a passer-by , We'll be gone in a month , I don't see the pickling any more , Let's see him surging , Let's see if he is still brilliant .