Yangpu, Chengyi is released for you! Four high altitude scenic spots in Shanxi

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Four breathtaking and exciting high altitude scenic spots , Do you dare to challenge ?

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-04-08

For everyone who is willing to challenge themselves , Exciting places are the most attractive , Travel is to see different landscapes , Challenge different things , There are four breathtaking high-altitude scenic spots in Shanxi , One step is a precipice , Do you want to try ?

1、 Ningwu Xuankong village

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-04-08

hear “ Cliff plank road ” You probably don't feel the word yet , After all, many mountain scenic spots have similar plank roads , But this ancient plank road in Ningwu has three unique characteristics : suspension 、 low 、 ancient ! On the road to Xuankong village , picturesque scenery , Beautiful scenery , The mountains on both sides of the road are majestic , The green forest leads to the sky , Looking at the village from afar , More simple and natural , It's a bit of seclusion .

2、 Wall Road

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-04-08

The hanging wall road at the bottom of Shanxi Province is a long road 1500 The multi meter Highway Tunnel , The road is completely suspended in the middle of the mountain , It is hundreds of meters away from the top of the mountain and the bottom of the ditch . Hanging wall road has 39 A hole , Tourists walk here , We need to watch carefully , Looking at the mountains , Direct to the cloud , Jueya cliff is as sharp as a knife , I can't help but sigh at the uncanny workmanship of nature !

If you drive on a cliff , That would be more exciting , It's like a roller coaster , Adjacent to the cliffs , Riding with the clouds in the mountains .

3、 Baquan gorge glass viewing platform

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-04-08

There is an open-air sightseeing elevator at Baizhang cliff in Baquanxia scenic area , named “ The city of the sky ”, It has won many world records , Standing on the highest sightseeing elevator in the world , Enjoy 208 The pleasure of watching high sky , Make a lot of tourists shout exciting , Think of yourself standing in 208 Meters high , Who can calm down ?

4、 Shentan Grand Canyon glass plank road

Pictures and texts come from / Yang Shuhong / Release time /2021-04-08

The plank road of Shentan Grand Canyon is built on the west side of Shentan Grand Canyon 700 On the cliff of rice , Total length of 2016 rice , The suspended glass area is as long as 158.6 rice , It is divided into mountaineering and sightseeing plank road area 、 Platform sightseeing area 、 Suspended glass area and aerial plank road scenic area , Bring more thrilling experience to tourists .

Yunya plank road in the scenic spot , It's called “ The first plank road in North China ”, The trestle road is built by hand on a cliff hundreds of meters high , The vertical height of the plank road from the ground 400 meters , Total length of 500 rice , Visitors can view from the fence , Enjoy the precipitous and majestic scenery of the canyon , Feel the sea of clouds under your feet , It's like a wonderful experience in heaven .

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Release time /2021-04-08