Will the Northeast iron pot stew under Ferris wheel be more romantic and delicious?

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Speaking of the ferris wheel in Xiamen , The first thing you think of is the ferris wheel in Xiamen Lianban Mingfa square ! Even if I haven't been on this Ferris wheel , I must have seen its face countless times . But my main character today is not Ferris wheel , It's the Northeast iron pot stew under Mingfa Ferris wheel ! Think of iron pot stew , You'll think of stew ? It's beef, mutton and fish , Or fresh cabbage and radish ?

This iron pot stew is located under the ferris wheel , It's called He Ji's old iron pot stew , It has been operating in Mingfa for many years , Business has been good , It's also a member of the night army of Mingfa ! I've had a lot of stews in Xiamen , So what's different about this family ?

The restaurant is a very simple style of northeast iron pot stew , In the middle of the generous table is a big iron pot , Use charcoal fire to boil , Very grounded . When I got to the shop, I met the landlady who came out with a salmon and was ready to kill it , It's a big one , It's more than six or seven Jin , At first glance, it looks like salmon , ha-ha . Or try something different tonight , Try stewing big fish in iron pot ! The iron pot can stew everything , I used to eat more in autumn and winter , So I eat more nourishing beef and mutton , This time in hot spring and summer , Just try a different stewed fish !

Cut a fish into several pieces , It's enough to fill the whole iron pot , It's really shocking . Yes, of course , When the iron pot is on the table , It can't be eaten immediately , You have to put the lid on first , Wait for the iron pot to burn for dozens of minutes to eat . I can't wait !

Waiting for the iron pot to boil , Of course, you can't hurt yourself , Let's order some cold dishes to fill our stomach ! There is dragon meat in the sky , There is donkey meat on the ground , Delicious Spiced Donkey Meat , Beautiful red meat with the texture of donkey hide gelatin , Dip in the sauce , Thief is delicious ! And a thin slice of minced garlic and white meat , Pick up one or two pieces , Covered with garlic sauce , One bite into the mouth , It's very tasty , Fresh and refreshing !

And the red sausage in Northeast is salty and delicious , It's crispy outside and tender inside , Crystal clear homemade jelly , They are all very good snacks !

The iron pot is heated to a certain extent , The boss will come and help us paste the tortillas , The golden corn tortillas are pasted on the top of the iron pot where the soup is not soaked , Cover the pan and steam the tortillas ! The process is over , We'll be able to open the lid and eat in about ten minutes !

While we're baking tortillas , You can eat one or two dishes , These two dishes are related to bean skin ! Northeast pickles , Rich and varied , Use a soybean skin to peel the cucumber 、 radish 、 Coriander 、 The shredded green onion is wrapped with a proper secret sauce , It tastes a little salty and crisp . Royal first dry tofu , It's a bowl full of peas , With some shredded meat , It tastes hot and sour , It's delicious !

We all look forward to , The stewed salmon in the iron pot is finally out of the pot like a Pipa in the steaming heat ! I can't wait for you guys , He stretched his hand , Grab a piece of fish , Beautiful taste up ! The fish is delicate and delicious , There's almost no fish bone , Very good ! Except for fish in the iron pot , And potatoes , Bean curd and other vegetables , Of course, don't forget the tortillas that are still on the tin pan , Soft and delicious , The part with the soup is a little spicy , It's softer , It's delicious !

Steaming hot is the iron pot stew ! He Ji stewed in iron pot , Under the ferris wheel , Although not a little more romantic , But it's really grounded ! There are people who have dinner and supper with family and friends , Why don't you come here and try this pyrotechnic gas !

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