The lack of literary accomplishment

2021-04-08 09:59:02  作者:Life journey

“ It's so beautiful .”

“ The grass ( A plant ), beautiful .”

“ wow , really t/m/ beautiful .”

April , The warm spring season . The green lakeside is full of flowers 、 Very beautiful flowers , Several friends went out for a walk to enjoy the scenery , Facing the masterpiece of nature, I can't help sighing , Without malice , But it's hard to avoid being harsh .

We are not illiterate , Even all of them are highly educated .A I'm sorry “ We are a group of people with knowledge but no culture ”,B You also feel that you have just made a mistake , He suggested that everyone use a word or a sentence to express their feelings ,C I agree with you . Meditate for a moment , It seems to be for the purpose of arousing the sleeping poems in the deep of my mind .

‘ “ You are a tree of flowers , It's the swallow whispering among the beams , You are love , It's warm , It's hope , You are the April day of the world ”. I want to write a poem too .’

‘ “ Everything is always spring ”, I love the color .’

‘ “ Only peony is the real national color , Flower season moves the capital ”. In fact, I think they are very beautiful .’

Think about it , Seriously recall , Beautiful words always remember . I don't know when , We're used to short words , With a strong tone , It seems that my feelings will come out with saliva spray . But so it is “ straight from the heart ”, It's not just a lack of beauty , On the contrary, they can not accurately express their true feelings .

The next time , When you want to be short and sharp , Please slow down , Think about whether you can use more precise words to express or express . You express your feelings , He ( she ) It's also enjoyable .

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