Old man picking up garbage

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It's been a long time QQ There's space , I took time to go for a walk in the morning , It has been found that many people's spatial dynamics have been solidified a few years ago . But a few friends still stick to the space , It's dynamic 、 Write a journal , So that I can learn about their living conditions in the far away from the trivial life .

I saw an old friend write in his diary that , There are always several old people picking up rubbish in her community , So she thought about the hardships of the old people's life , I can't help feeling sorry . Take a closer look. , This is a diary she wrote a few days ago , The old city was sunny that day , She sat in front of her window and watched the potted flowers , Inadvertently looking out of the window , But I saw all kinds of things in the world .

I can understand my old friend's mood across the screen , That compassion comes from the beginning of man , Sex is the good , It's conscience . however , Life is a textbook , Let me have another understanding about the old man picking up garbage .

First of all, there are several such old people in my community . One day last fall , The neighbor elder sister in the front row watched me throw the express box , Stop me and say I'll leave all the cartons in front of her house , There is an old lady in the community who specializes in collecting cardboard to sell money . I think that would be an eyesore to her door , Or insist on putting cartons and the like in the dustbin . After that, I paid attention to it several times , Sure enough, there is an old lady who will pick up the cardboard boxes in every dustbin in the community , She looks neat and tidy , Unlike people who live in poverty .

Yes , The old people in this community don't live in poverty , They dress neatly , They live in big buildings bought by their children , It should be rich . But all they have to do is go out and sneak back , I also pick up some empty bottles 、 Cardboard or something , And then it's packed in bundles , Sell it to the recycle bin for a few yuan . I don't think they do it to make a living , They should just be trying to get bored . because , Even if you live in a beautiful building 、 In neat clothes , If you lose your wife in old age , If you don't have children to accompany you any more , There must be a way to express their loneliness , that , Walk around and pick up some rubbish to sell back, there will be “ Work ” Feel it. .

Combined with the , Most of these old people have worked hard all their lives , Most start from scratch , Most of them are used to hard life , I can't see today's young people lavish , So in their eyes , It's also a great sense of achievement that those waste products can be exchanged for a few small changes .

My husband has a great grandfather , Family conditions are superior , My wife has been dead for many years , He lives alone in his own building , The children wait on him one by one , It's near 90 Although he is still in the spirit of old age , But it's also getting older every year . In the past two years , The old man suddenly began to pick up some empty bottles 、 Cardboard and stuff like that , Children can't be persuaded , I dare not make him angry , I had to clean up the rubbish when he didn't pay attention , However, this still made my grandfather unhappy . Repeat several times , The children had to give up . When I heard the news , I can't compare that tall man back then 、 Hale and hearty 、 The old man with good temperament is compared with him now .

There are many old people like my husband's grandfather , Children can't understand their behavior , This may be another kind of “ Generation gap ”.

But there are also some old people who have a hard life , Increase your income by picking up rubbish and selling it . Old me and old people , Young I am young as well as young people . I think a lot of people are like me , I'd rather think that these old people picking up garbage are for the sake of relieving loneliness , I don't want to find out that they are picking up garbage at this age for the sake of hard life .

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