A tree of flowers

2021-04-08 09:49:40  作者:Literary FM

you 're right , It's a tree flower , Not a bunch of flowers .

There is a nameless tree beside our stadium , In winter, bare branches grow along the Internet , It's a beautiful tree , Round umbrella shaped, as if the gardener had trimmed it . Often pass by my tree , But no one has ever pruned it .

Spring is coming , All things recovery, , The tree doesn't seem to have received any message of spring , Still naked . Because the flowers in spring bloom again and again , I haven't played in the stadium for a while , Linger in all kinds of early garden . Go to the Stadium tonight , I saw a tree and a flower in the night , Cherry blossom in shape and color , In the night wind there are bursts of fragrance .

When I cried out a tree flower in surprise , His companions also have a strong interest in it , We stood under the tree and studied what it was , When it's full of flowers , Will it bear fruit after flowering . A few of us are standing under the tree , Twitter like a primary school student found a new world , I have an infinite longing for a tree , Talking about its future . Life is like this , There's too much falsehood in the adult world , Sometimes it's immature to be afraid of being laughed at , Sometimes it's considered childish to see the beautiful scenery you haven't seen before , Face by face , Pretend to be deep , In the deep day after day, he buried his innocence for no reason , Lack of curiosity about the world , Dead and self righteous, mature and steady .

Set a cage for yourself , Holding the cage in fear , Live in someone else's mouth , This is my life , It's not as good as a tree . Trees try to bloom when they bloom , It's another leaf after the flower has withered 、 A tree fruit , No one knows what tree it is , Trees don't care , Just be yourself .

I envy a tree and a flower , Waiting for a fruit .

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