The path of moonlight

2021-04-08 09:49:24  作者:Literary FM

This season , In a moment, I really want to cry , Because of the continuous rain , The bottom of my heart seems to pile up a piece of moss , Wet as this mood !

The lights are shining , Under the street lamp , Shallow drip of water , The moment of splashing , I miss you all of a sudden , Because of the busy pace , Let me be a very sticky guy , More or less at a loss !

The weather forecast predicts that it is likely to clear up and heat up in the next few days , It is estimated that the mood will also improve , Of course , Busyness is the spice of life , It's not easy to be too idle !

I still like to take pictures of the wonderful world , Those lovely photos , Like the bright moonlight in my heart , On the path we passed !

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