Rose killed rose

2021-04-08 09:49:19  作者:Literary FM

I can't sleep all night

Cheat yourself that everything is OK

Hidden in the heart of sadness

as time goes on

It grew into a beast

Feed on my efforts

At the same time, I am greedy for my pain …

When it's dark

When it rains

The monster in my body

He'll stick his head out

Trying to eat me in one bite …

In fact, I'm a little scared

But I can only pretend

Pretend to be brave

I'm wearing headphones

Listen to the same song over and over again


Until I saw tears wet the table …

I collected a lot of beautiful roses

I keep them in the yard

Take good care of every flower

Many nights

This is how I come here

Tear the flowers to pieces

Watching them crumble in my eyes

But , No one knows about it

After all

I look so calm …

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