2021-04-08 09:49:09  作者:Literary FM

You're like a witch in a fairy tale

It's just that you use sweet

Intoxicating smile

And sour

A choking cry

Make poison

And then use the graceful posture

Let me drink the poison


I know

Knowing all this

If I still drink

Drink it all

I'm not going to die with your hidden knife

Of course, it won't die of the drug

It's just that I choose to sink forever

It's like sinking in your beauty

Sink in your determination to kill me

So ridiculous

Do you remember ?

We were at sunset that year

All my life

A love song I wrote

I can't sing enough

My eternal conversation with you

Do you remember ?

We remember that day

It's a lifetime of words

A love poem I wrote

Words are endless

Ten Twilight songs belong to you and me

That's ridiculous

Laughter before death

Highlight your stupid frivolity

Give you the pride of success

I will walk peacefully

Sleep in your arms

Filled with a dark fragrance

I'm the only one injured

Time flies by

In the future

You look like

And the memory of

Our past

My collection

Go to the grave with me

At the end :

I'll finish it , Not because I don't understand , I just don't understand , The reason you want to kill me , It could be me , The last confusion before death , It's kind of funny

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