Light and shadow of Jinjiang River in a century Dongmen bridge (10-2)

2021-04-08 08:50:56  作者:Photography

6-4 Look out from east to west at Chengdu Dongmen bridge

Although only one corner of the bridge can be seen , But the crowd on the bridge , Give people a hint , This is an important thoroughfare .

The Dongmen bridge was built because there is Dongmen Chengmen cave , That is, from the East Street out of the city , Through the bridge to Tianfu street , It goes straight to Dongda road . The gate of the east gate is called Yinghui gate , There is a Yinghui building in the old city ( It has already been demolished ).

Dongmen bridge has a long history , Is it telling an old story .

The wooden frame of wearing materials , Little green tile , The footings are bare with bluestone bricks , Small checkered wooden windows with red paint , Whitewashed walls , Two story building …… These are old Chengdu's cordial memories of the stilted building beside Jinjiang River .

On the dock , The steps made of red sandstone have been seriously worn out . Once the hustle and bustle also disappeared in the dust of the years .

This is the house on the Bank of Tianxian bridge , Behind the left side of the big house is the house where the photographer once lived . This two-story building is made of grey bricks and tiles , Standing on the riverside of Fu River without any sound , If you don't meet the load of time , Maybe it will still stand like this , Along with the big locust trees on the side . On the day of comprehensive renovation of Funan River , It's gone . But people who leave this house believe , Its breath will carry the fragrance of sophora flower , Stay here .