Longtian HongRi

2021-04-08 08:29:43  作者:Photography

Longtian HongRi

The valley is blue and misty

Terraced fields are bigger than clouds

The mountains are far away in the morning

HongRi floats in Longshui


Note appended

Wild Valley , Blue fog , It looks like the sky , Terrace scale , Clouds are like rain , Floating one after another , Climb high in the morning , beautiful country scene , Vast and boundless , A red sun , Floating reflection . Canghai mulberry field , Clouds roll and clouds ease , The world is upside down , Yin and Yang turn each other , The warm sun is shining , spring is in the air .

Meter : Seven unique new rhymes

( It's a smooth ending , The third format of seven Jue )

Photography : flat Title photo : My rain

Teacher Yiyun and Wuyu ( Title photo )

Terraced fields / Ma Naifu