Longchi memory (4)

2021-04-08 07:58:07  作者:Photography

Longchi Lake , It's a destination for a lot of people . For the family , This is the place I remember in my dreams , It's my hometown that I've been away from for a long time .

In my case , Is to open another window of memory . It reminds me of , The person you love used to live like . How did the innocent youth who showed his heart to me laugh and sing in this land ……

My lover said that the scenery of lakes and mountains is still what I remember . A few decades ago, there was a mining area , The lake is also partially occupied , The water quality here is not very good . Now the lake is clear , Like a mirror against the green trees and white walls . Good taste of life , It's a poetic resting place .

In the mist , The mountains in the distance seem to protrude like fairyland . The rolling mountain is connected with the rolling mountain , There's no end to it . For here , I love it very much . The only ecological lake , There is no natural beauty , How can people not be fascinated ?

By the lake are rows of houses built by farmers themselves , Some are slightly decorated , It's home stay and Diaoyutai . I heard that in summer , Make a reservation in advance , Otherwise, there's no place to live .

The accommodation here is usually in charge of food , Three meals a day are arranged by the owner in advance . The players can feel at ease the simplicity of the farmers and the fresh flavor of the farm food . So come here for sightseeing 、 There are a lot of people on holiday .

This trip only takes two days , Even if there are all kinds of nostalgia , Still want to say goodbye here . Come back later , Be sure to stay here for a few days , To make up for my heart .