April flowers bloom

2021-04-08 07:13:49  作者:Photography

Spring girl is like a bride to be married when she leaves her mother's home , Crying with tears makes people feel pity , In accordance with the ancient poetry : It rained all the time during the Qingming Festival .

Under the baptism of spring rain , The leaves are greener , The wheat seedlings are stronger , The pea pods are fuller ......

But I was thinking about the flowers I first met in the community last April . I can't help holding my umbrella , Walking to the old place . Sure enough , They are blooming quietly in the rain !

Love to record the beauty of life , It's a pleasure in itself . I quickly turned to the old photos taken in April last year from my mobile phone , Remember it was a sunny day , I'm on my way to the express collection point in the community , I didn't notice the flowers blooming on the right side of the road .

On that day , I was deeply attracted by the pure white flowers . I stopped to watch and take pictures , Use the flower recognition app to find out its name , Find douniang and search for information about it .

Flowers have a romantic name , It's called Qionghua .“ In this flowery March journeyed south to Yangzhou ” In the poem , Fireworks means Qionghua , Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty opened the Grand Canal to visit Qionghua in Yangzhou .

Qionghua is worthy of the eternal emperor flower . Now the city flower of Yangzhou is also Qionghua .

Time flies by , Four seasons come back , It's April to . The flowers are still charming , The rain still adds warmth and charm , I can see flowers , Has there been any change ?

Why , How many things in the world should be as beautiful as Qionghua , I haven't met you yet ! And cherish it !