Notes on Yangcheng Lake

2021-04-08 06:02:07  作者:Life journey

Youth League


I used to live in Weitang jewelry garden , Because it's close to the farmers' market , So it's very noisy , Sometimes when I'm writing , I am often disturbed by various sounds . Five years ago , My family moved to a villa by Yangcheng Lake , It's very quiet here . It's not very quiet in autumn , At night there is always an animal voice calling , Frogs are not like frogs , I don't know what's calling ?

I was told it was a wild duck . Autumn is coming , Wild duck courtship , The cry is that they're looking for a mate . It's winter , In the morning I saw three or four ducks swimming in the lake , But I haven't heard wild ducks crowing on winter nights , Maybe at night , The duck is hiding in the reed .


I know a young female fisherman in Yangcheng Lake , In ordinary days , She makes cheongsam for people , A lot of landlords nearby have asked her to customize cheongsam , Her cheongsam is all made by hand , The TV station came and made a special film about her making cheongsam .

When crab feet itch in autumn , She sells Yangcheng Lake crabs on the boat . I used to be able to run a restaurant on a boat , She cooks crabs for others , When others think the crab is delicious , She went to Yangcheng Lake to catch crabs and sell them to others , So she's good at selling crabs .

Before the Spring Festival , She'll sell the pickled herring . Throughout the year , She's all busy . I know it , This is a woman in Yangcheng Lake .

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