Ordinary life twists and turns (1147)

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Part 8 (088)

Chapter 226

Zhao Shaofu entrusts his mind to Lin Xincheng

Lin Xincheng and Zhao Shaofu talk about female marriage


I had breakfast the next day , In order to see what Xu Hongbing's face looks like when Gong Jianrong grabs it , Lin Xincheng calls Lin Zhiqiang and Lin Qingxiang , Go to wanglizhuang and call Wang Chaofeng , For the first time, Xu Hongbing's family reported the situation of agricultural production . At Xu Hongbing's house , His face was covered with red potion , There's a piece of white gauze on the nose , Three white gauzes divide the face into several parts .

Lin Xincheng asked in surprise :“ Xu Zhishu , How do you get this face , I've been hurt so badly ?"

Xu Hongbing had a long time to say :“ Sleep at night , Caught by a cat ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ This cat is really , How to hold your face like this ? Look, I scratched my nose, too ."

Lin Qingxiang said :“ Xu Zhishu , This man will get rabies if he is scratched by a dog or cat , You should get rabies vaccine as soon as possible . In case of rabies , Not for fun , Learn to bark and bite , The key is to get rabies without treatment , One hundred percent death ."

Xu Hongbing said :“ I know that too , I'll call right away .“

On Lin Xincheng :“ That's a good book , We won't report our work any more , Go get the rabies vaccine , I heard that , After being bitten, they put on the tube within 24 hours , It doesn't work in 24 hours ."

Xu Hongbing said :“ I'll call right away , I'll call right away .“

Lin Xincheng said again :“ We won't report the work to you , Go get the vaccine ."

Xu Hongbing is so ashamed that he really wants to find a crack in the ground .

Lin Xincheng and the other four went out of Xu Hongbing's house , Lin Zhiqiang and the three of them also talked about how the cat scratched Xu Hongbing's face so badly . Lin Xincheng didn't tell them the whole story , But to say :“ Anyway , Xu Hongbing can't come out for a long time . He came out , People always ask when they see it , And he has to answer ."

In the days to come , Xinglingang brigade really calmed down a lot . Before Xu Hongbing's injury is healed , Always stay at home , After the injury is healed , It's just from home to the brigade , From the brigade to the home , Two points and one line , No matter how many things .

The agricultural production of xinglingang brigade , Under the leadership of Lin Xincheng and others , It's going well . All kinds of crops are ripe and harvested successively , They have another big harvest .

In this day of peace and harvest , Zhao Yanghua and other four women have children one after another . The seventh day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar , Zhao Yang has a daughter , It's named Yujie ; August 29 , Jiang Shui has a son , It's named LV Sheng ; On the eighth of September , Li Guiqin gave birth to a son , It's called Erlong ; On the ninth of October , Lu Ping has two sons , It's named Liu Yongliu FA . Because of Meng Fanyun , They were all born in the obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the commune health center . Lin Xincheng and his wife often go to the health center to see .

Zhao Yanghua 、 Li Guiqin and Lu Ping are pregnant women , Whether it's boys or girls , They are all very happy , They all recognized Lin Xincheng and his wife as sons and daughters . Only river water flowers , Seeing Lin Xincheng and his wife, they burst into tears , She gave birth to a son , But it's really ugly , It's not as good as LV Fenglin , The waist shaped face is narrow and long , It's in the middle, it's up at both ends , Big mouth, slanting eyes, wrong nose . Jiangshuihua cried :“ I'm pregnant for 10 months just like other people , But gave birth to an ugly eight strange , Don't , It's my own flesh and blood , Yes , It's obviously raising a goblin . It's said that daughter imitates father and son imitates mother , How did my daughter imitate my son like LV Fenglin ."

Li Guirong advised her :“ Sister Shuihua , As the saying goes , A mother never looks ugly to her son , Dogs don't think of poverty , I'll change it here , Mother doesn't think her son is ugly . Anyway , It's always the meat that falls from you , You have to take care of it . Didn't you hear , The person who becomes the climate , It's usually those who are not good-looking , Maybe this kid's grown up , He is a great pillar of the country ."

Because the children don't grow very well , Jiang Shuihua didn't mention that he would give his child to Lin Xincheng and his wife as a dry son .

Lin Xincheng and his wife come every time , Meng Fanyun would call them to her room to have a family talk .

The happiest one is Lu Ping , She's half a month away from birth , Meng Fanyun, the sister-in-law of her mother's family, took her to the commune health center for hospitalization , According to Meng Fanyun's suggestion , Ten days in advance . When Lin Xincheng and Li Guirong saw her after she was born , She said happily first :“ You see, the two sons I gave birth to are so good-looking ."

Lin Xincheng and his wife looked at the two little boys on the crib , Each one has a bright nose, big eyes and double eyelids , Like their two brothers , Not only beautiful , And they all have a aura , It's really much better than the son of Jiangshui peanut . Li Guirong praised it :“ My good sister-in-law , Why are your sons beautiful ? It's because of imitating you ." Lu Ping's face is red and her heart is full of happiness .

Lu Ping asked Lin Xincheng to name her two sons , On Lin Xincheng :“ Your cousin got up a long time ago , It's called Liu Yongliu FA , She also said that you made great contributions to her aunt's family ."

Lu Ping felt happy again .

Meng Fanyun is also unmarried and has been pregnant for four months . Lin Xincheng, Li Guirong and Lu Ping are also happy for her .

During this period of time , Yu Xiaohong has been to Linxin twice , First, on behalf of her sister Shi Wenjing, she came to report the situation of Weizhi Xiaoyun's two children , Second, look at the situation at home , Third, to strengthen family ties with the Lin Xincheng family . I stayed here for one night on both occasions .

Lin Xincheng every two days , I'm going to visit Zhao Shaofu's house , Even if it's a ten or twenty minute pause . Zhao Shaofu's physical condition also concerns his heart .

Although Li Xinghua goes to give Zhao Shaofu an injection every day , But his illness is getting worse every day , Especially after August 15 . His third daughter , Mei Hua, 25, has been married for five years and is discriminated against by her husband's family because she can't have children , Her son-in-law Zhang Cheng kept beating and scolding her , She can't stand it , He divorced and went back to his mother's house . This made Zhao Shaofu very sad , Zhang Cheng is the son of his best friend , This has become Zhao Shaofu's heart disease . Zhang Cheng is as big as a plum blossom , Zhang Cheng's father and himself are best friends , I often come to his house , At that time, Mei Hua, who was only 14 or 15 years old, was as beautiful as a flower , They agreed with themselves , When Mei Hua grows up, he will marry Zhang Cheng . The day Liu Dongsheng got married , Sixteen year old Mei Hua is attracted to the wedding ceremony , Lin Xincheng, who just came back from Kaifeng High School , Come back and tell yourself , I have an appointment with Zhang Cheng's father , He disagreed on the ground that there was a difference of three or four years in the age of different generations in the same village , Make plum blossom seriously ill . If I had agreed that year , Mei Hua is four years younger than Lin Xincheng , It's like a peach , Lin Xincheng certainly not only agrees with , I still love plum blossom. I can't love it . If you agree , Lin Xincheng no longer calls himself brother, but father , It's better for yourself . As for Mei Hua, you can't have children , Lin Xincheng will definitely show her , It's said that Liu Hongchun was infertile at that time , Lin Xincheng's family has spared no effort to pay for Liu Hongchun's treatment , Until it's cured , But Zhang Chengjia didn't show plum blossom once . alas , Because of their own big twist , Harm the plum blossom and make the flower bitter . Zhang Cheng's father doesn't talk about friendship anymore .

It is precisely because of this heart disease that Zhao Shaofu has again , So the body is getting worse every day .

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