Sunrise and sunset are good scenery

2021-04-08 05:33:18  作者:Life journey

The warm spring breeze sends march off gently , Don't take a cloud away . The breeze of April blows on my face , The waves of summer , Flashing rainbow like charming smile . Happy to see off the little princess in March , We're going to have a baby in Hawaii in April , It's really hard to let go of being moved .

It's a wonderful aftertaste to enjoy the sunrise at the cajala beach . Every morning , Pushing the little princess out of the house , The flowers on the roadside are fragrant . Go to the seaside and listen to the sound of the tide , Watch the clouds change , I feel the Buddha kingdom is right in front of me . People have black and white and red and yellow , The road has no north, South and West . The sunrise is too empty , On mountains and plains .

Hawaii is a place where East meets West , It's also the integration of all ethnic groups 、 Grand View Garden of equality and mutual benefit . Aloha (AlOHA) The spirit of , It's a link between ethnic groups and music . therefore , Get up in the morning , Facing the rising sun in the sea , Say hello softly :AlOHA! Pass the power of love through the sun , Willing to be with all sentimental life , Share the joy of peace and happiness .

this morning , The little princess went back to the west coast of the United States with her mother and father , Home to the heart of Silicon Valley . Before taking off at Honolulu International Airport , Mom sent me pictures . Although the epidemic has slowed down , But recently there has been a rebound . thus , Travel prevention is still very important , Both wear masks and masks , To enhance the necessity of safe travel . The little princess looks a little unhappy , Mom said on the phone that she seemed to be looking for grandma Liu , So my heart was a little more reluctant .

At noon, , Transfer to the vicinity of tanteras , The top of the mountain is a good place to watch the sunset . April , We are here to witness the birth of thousands of talents . This reminds me of Lin Huiyin again ,《 You are April in the world 》: The water light floats in your dream expectation .

Thousands of gold in my mother's heart , That's light , That pingting , You are a tree of flowers , You are the full moon at night . Even though mountains and rivers , We should also make gege grow up in Honolulu where the drizzle drizzles . because , You are love , It's warm , It's hope .

human world , The power of mother's love is to give everything , And not in return . In order to have , Equal status with the prince's brother , My mother is willing to give up . After doing all the necessary work , Take brother Mabel and fly directly to Hawaii . I didn't expect to arrive safely all the way , Now it will come true .

You are the cloud in the early days of April , Sing in the splendor of stars . Thousands of gold , When you are born and grow up , Grandma Liu will tell you this story . because , In mom's eyes , You are the flower of every tree .

April , With the prince and his brother , Mom's life must be brilliant , Just like the sound of laughter lights up the four winds . May every day of April , Safety 、 Happy 、 Heshun .

Wish you all a happy Friday !

4/1/2021 It was written in the afternoon of, near tanteras, Honolulu, Hawaii

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