Blessing of the sea

2021-04-08 05:33:09  作者:Life journey

Honolulu has lived in Honolulu for nearly 30 years , But never as close to the sea as February and March this year . Everything is the best arrangement , Accept and face life with joy , And share your feelings with loving words , It's really a happy thing !

Early in the morning , Push the little princess to enjoy the sunrise on the sea , Can always bring people a lot of beautiful and moving . Although she didn't understand why it was so bright , But the sunrise can make her smile more brilliant . occasionally , She will also look serious and think a little , Very cute .

The last day of March , We still watch the sunrise by the sea , Say goodbye in Hawaii . I hope the little princess will bring the clouds of this day , Start a new life of the most beautiful April day in the world .

Good morning to you all ️️!️️️️️️

Good morning everyone️️️️️️️️

3/31/2021 Watching the sunrise in the morning of, written on the beach of Kahala, Honolulu, Hawaii

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