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Easter Beach , The flow of people is obviously more than last month . Hawaii has more than 25% A lot of people have been vaccinated , The scope of combat in the United States is also expanding , Domestic travel is also recovering , Honolulu Tourism 、 traffic 、 Catering and other industries are taking on a new look .

however , The number of people infected with COVID-19 in Hawaii , It's still on average every day these days 100 Multiple cases , We can't relax our vigilance in epidemic prevention . After a long period of epidemic trouble , People seem to be getting numb , Even relax your nerves when you're in danger .

party 、 Travel 、 There are more and more people to visit friends . The old saying said : Prudence can catch cicadas for thousands of years , Be careful to sail for thousands of years . Hope this summer , Everyone can make it through . When autumn comes , The whole country is full of joy .

Easter holidays , People who believe in Christ go to church , Pray and hope for the hard days , Can be transformed and reborn . Actually , This is the common voice of all believers at present ; Happiness from pain , The original pursuit of humanity is .

4 month 2 Japan , The state health bureau announced that the number of new crown infections on that day was 136 example , So far, Hawaii is infected COVID-19 The total number of is 29927 example . In the face of the current epidemic situation , I sincerely hope that you can continue to reduce unnecessary travel and party . Because we never know where the virus is , Luck is often hurt by misfortune .

In order to protect the family and the people they work with , Reduce the risk of infection , Wear a mask , Wash hands frequently, etc , I think it's still necessary . Easter holidays , The theme of our life is still the minimalist home model . Despite all the signs of optimism , The world is on the way to health ; But be careful 、 Face it carefully , It's also the basic principle we adhere to .

Happy Easter to you all !

Happy easter everyone!

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