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One 、 Chen Fang - The first wonder of Hawaiian Chinese

1849 year ,24 Chen Fang, 18, went to Honolulu with her uncle , Starting with a shop apprentice , A few years later, he began to operate sugarcane planting and sugar industry .1861 year , The civil war broke out in the United States , The South cut off the sugar supply to the North , Sugar prices have skyrocketed . Chen Fang has a keen eye , Seize the opportunity , Dumping a lot of sugar into the North , Lucrative , Become the first Chinese millionaire in Hawaii .

1856 year , Chen Fang held a grand and luxurious dance for king kalakava , During the dinner, I met Julia, the Royal Princess of Hawaii , Then he married the princess as a side room , Before and after the birth of 16 A child ,13 Daughter ,3 A son .1881 year , Chen Fang was appointed the first Chinese Consul to Hawaii by Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty .

Chen Fang

1890 year , The Anti China wave of the whole North American continent spread to Honolulu ,65 Chen Fang, 18, decided to return to her hometown . Because Chen Fang and her parents are very charitable , Emperor Guangxu built four Meixi memorial archways to show his commendation .

1953 year , Clarice, a famous American writer ·B· Tyler's in 《 The Hawaiian times 》 It was serialized on the Internet 《 Chen Fang's family story 》.1963 year , By the American playwright Chen Fang descendant Eaton · A large-scale musical with Chen Fang's story as the theme written by Morgan 《 Thirteen daughters 》 On Broadway in New York , Hit .1994 year , Historian Bob · Dai published on the basis of collecting a large number of historical materials 《 Chen Fangchuan 》.  

Two 、 Sun Yat-sen - The great forerunner of China's modern democratic revolution

1879 year ,13 I'm a 20-year-old Chinese boy - Sun Yat Sen came to Honolulu for the first time .1882 year , The Iolani school held its graduation ceremony at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Honolulu , Karakava, king of Hawaii, presented Sun Yat Sen with an English grammar award . After graduating from Iolani school , Sun Yat Sen went to Ohu college, the highest institution in Hawaii, and later changed its name to punaho school .

The historian castle is 《 Honolulu Advertiser 》 wrote :“ In punaho , He ( Sun Yat-sen ) Shocked by Alexander · Hamilton 、 Abraham · Lincoln and Henry · George et al. About society 、 Political and economic insights .

Sun Yat-sen

1894 year , Sun Yat Sen raised money on Ohu island in Honolulu , Founded the Xingzhong society , Put forward “ Rejuvenating China ” Slogans and “ Expel the Tartars , Restore China , Create a united government ” Platform .1895 year , Sun Yat Sen's first Guangzhou Uprising failed , Wanted by the Manchu Qing government and returned to Hawaii .

1904 Beginning of the year , Sun Yat Sen joined the Hongmen court in Honolulu , To the court “ Red stick ”. Once, he was detained in San Francisco by the U.S. immigration service for applying for a U.S. passport with a fake Hawaiian birth certificate . Later, he was bailed out by Hongmen court in San Francisco and hired a lawyer on his behalf .

Sun Yat Sen advocated overthrowing the rule of the Qing Dynasty by armed revolution to establish the Republic of China , He also advocated the use of force to overthrow the Beiyang Government of the Republic of China . He put forward political programs such as the three people's principles , It has a profound influence on Chinese politics , The regime established by the Chinese Kuomintang inherited his party state system and the thought of running the army with the party . The Chinese Kuomintang respected him as the father of the country and the premier of the Chinese Kuomintang , The Communist Party of China respects it as “ The great forerunner of China's modern democratic revolution ”. 3、 ... and 、 Sun Mei - The local people of Hawaii once called him the king of Maui

Sun Mei's ancestral home is Xiangshan County, Guangdong Province , Sun Yat Sen's brother .1871 year , Sun Mei chose to go abroad to work in Honolulu , Later, he reclaimed wasteland in Maoyi island , Engaged in agricultural production and then in Commerce , Finally get rich , To be a rich man , Locally, people call him “ Maui Island King ”.

1894 year , Sun Mei strongly supported Sun Yat Sen's revolutionary thought , Donate actively in action , And join Xingzhong, you will become a senior figure .1907 year , Sun Mei fully supports the cause of the national revolution , Sell all of your property in Honolulu , I moved back to Hong Kong with my family .

Sun Mei

In a series of revolutionary activities led by Sun Yat sen in the future , Sun Mei goes all out , I have no complaints and no vacillation , Always firmly believe in and support the revolution . Make outstanding contributions to the establishment of the Republic of China .1913 Two years after sun Mei moved to Macao , Dying in poverty .

Sun Mei and his wife Tan have only one son, Sun Chang ,1893 He studied under Liang Qichao in , Then he went to Japan's Yokohama Datong school ,1896 I went to California to study medicine .1910 In, Sun Chang joined the alliance , And actively participate in the activities organized by the alliance in the United States . Under the influence of Sun Yat Sen , Sun Chang also gradually embarked on the road of revolution .

1917 year , Take part in the Dharma protection movement , And served as commander of the special forces in the Grand Marshal's office . In a escort to Huangpu, Guangzhou , Because I didn't get in touch with the Navy first , So he strayed into Haiqi's cordon and was attacked by the Navy and fell into the river , Drowning , Years old 34 year , Sun Yat Sen ordered people to bury him in Huangpu Park , And write for him “ ever ” Four words . Four 、 He Qing - Hawaiian business tycoon, real estate tycoon

1904 year , He Qing was born in Hawaii , Studied at mckenny high school ,1926 After graduating from the University of Hawaii , We have to work hard , to 20 century 30 years , He already has a strong economic strength .

1941 year 12 month 7 Japan , Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor , The main force of the US Pacific Fleet was destroyed , Hawaii is the front line . At that time, many white people fled to the mainland of the United States , The Hawaiian house 、 Real estate is selling cheaply , Chinese take the opportunity to buy real estate . He Qing also joined in the acquisition , Wait until the situation is stable , So he became a wealthy and famous Chinese industrialist in Hawaii .

20 century 40 The mid - , He is in 125 Ten thousand US dollars to buy the 9000 Acre land , It's the biggest real estate deal ever made by Asian Americans on the island of Hawaii .1954 year , He Qing was appointed mark ·A· Robinson estate trust (MARK·A·ROBINSON·TRUST) One of the custodians , Elected Asian president of the Hawaiian Stock Exchange . He Qing has emigrated from his grandparents , But I still love my hometown , Very concerned about the public welfare of the motherland .

1983 year , He returned to his hometown to discuss the donation of children's Science Library , At the same time, he donated $10000 to Soong Ching Ling Foundation , And served as the Council director . He will be 78 It came from relatives and friends on their birthday 500 Dollar Hejin , Send his son he Zhiguang back to his hometown school , To express my yearning for my hometown .1987 year 5 month 12 Japan , He Qing is suffering from heart failure , Died in Hawaii , At the age of 83 year . 5、 ... and 、 Yang Xianyi - The founder of China's first generation aviation industry

Yang Xianyi is from Zhongshan, Guangdong Province , Born in Honolulu, USA . Father Yang Zhukun , In his early years, he was engaged in grain production in Honolulu, USA 、 Sales and real estate , To be rich .1903 When Sun Yat Sen arrived in Hawaii in 1949 , I live in Yang Zhukun's home . Yang Xianyi in his childhood , Influenced by Sun Yat Sen's revolutionary thought , At the Lixia street theater in Honolulu, I have listened to Dr. Sun Yat Sen's anti Qing and national salvation speeches for many times , The feeling is very deep .

After the revolution of 1911 , Sun Yat Sen once called for the establishment of a strong air force , The neutrality of the overseas Chinese youth has set off a wave of “ Save the country by air ” The boom of . Yang Xianyi responded to Sun Yat Sen's call ,18 The University of Hawaii , Later, I was admitted to Harry University in California , Concentrate on mechanical specialty . And then transferred to New York CAMIS aviation school .1918 At the invitation of Sun Yat Sen, he returned to China , It is our duty to serve our country by air , We have trained a large number of aviation professionals for our motherland .

Yang Xianyi

1919 Yang Xianyi founded China's first air force aircraft team in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province , And as commander in chief , By hiring pilots and buying airplanes 、 bomb 、 Guns and other munitions gradually enhance the strength of the aircraft team .1923 year 9 month 20 Japan , In order to attack the warlord Chen Jiongming , Accidentally exploded while checking the torpedo , A heroic sacrifice . Only 32 year . Sun Yat Sen spoke highly of Yang Xianyi , I'm very sorry for his death . And decided to set Yang Xianyi's sacrifice day as “ Aviation anniversary ”.

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