If you give seats to counties and cities across the country, who is the most low-key? Let's talk about it

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《 Jiaoling's low profile 》

If there is a whole list of mainland counties and cities , I think ,“ Low key ” No doubt it can be one of them “ Attractive force ” Indicators of .

In China, 2846 Of the 12 county-level units , Which county will be awarded “ The most low-key County ” Well ?

Row by row , I think , Jiaoling in Meizhou —— Liang Qichao praised it as “ The giant of the poetic revolution ” Qiu Fengjia, an outstanding patriotic poet 、 The hometown of Xie Jinyuan, the hero of the Anti Japanese War who led 800 strong men to defend the mountains and rivers , China, no doubt “ The most low-key County ”.

Why so sure ?!

Except Qiu Fengjia 、 Besides Xie Jinyuan, two outstanding patriots , Jiaoling also has a little-known honor ——

This is the famous Pu'an Bodhisattva in the Buddhist world —— The only one who created his own mantra in Chinese Buddhism 、 Zen ( Linji ) Pu'an, the 13th generation patriarch, created it himself 、 spread 《 Pu'an mantra 》 It's the place where you come from .

Ashamed to speak , My mother's hometown is Jiaoling , But studying literature and history 、 I have been deeply involved in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism for many years , I didn't know that Jiaoling was 《 Pu'an mantra 》 It's the place where you come from ! Shame at the same time , I feel a little shy again : I have written dozens of essays for Xingning , He has published two collections of essays for his second hometown Zhuhai , however , But I didn't write a word for my mother's hometown Jiaoling .

In recent days, , In Zhuhai, I visited elder Renji, abbot of Zhengjue temple in Boshan, Zibo City, Shandong Province , He is building a temple for Longtan Temple in Jiaoling County, Guangdong Province . I learned from him that , More than 800 years ago, Buddhist monk Pu'an was stationed in Baoqing temple, Lanfang, Jiaoling .

“《 Pu'an mantra 》 It's zujiao'an that was created by pu'ling ,” According to elder Ren Ji , The Buddhist temple of the Southern Song Dynasty 1115 He was born in Shili Township, Yichun, Jiangxi Province , When master Pu'an was born, lotus was born in the rice fields of his family .

I refer to the relevant information , When he was six years old, he dreamed of a Buddhist monk , Pointing to his chest, he said :“ You will learn from yourself some day .” Wake up the next day to see a cinnabar spot on the chest , As big as a cherry .

Introduce Jiaoling County and 《 Pu'an mantra 》 Elder Renji of Yuanyuan , He is the apprentice of the forty fifth generation of Linji sect , He is now the successor of the 46th generation of Linji sect . His master can be a great disciple of master Xuyun, a representative of modern Zen . Before he became a monk, elder Ren Ji mainly focused on food biochemistry , Once by the Ministry of personnel of the people's Republic of China 、 The State Science and Technology Commission has identified China as “ Bean products interdisciplinary leader ”.1992 year , Master Renji converted to Buddhism under the old seat of President Neng of Fayuan temple in Beijing , Then he became a monk ,2000 He was also a Buddhist leader, old monk benhuan ( The 44th generation of linjizong ) Under the seat is a full ring .

According to the research of elder Ren Ji and others , In the fourth year of Shaoxing in the Southern Song Dynasty (1134) He became a monk in August of , I'd like to learn from the Zhengxian monk of Cihua temple . He 39 Reading at the age of 《 Huayan Sutra 》, Read to “ This is the end of the story , Heart to heart and body to heart ” when , Sweating all over , awakened , Shock oneself , yue :“ I'm in the realm of Huayan .”

When Zen master Pu'an traveled around , He once traveled to Jiaoling south , Practice in Longtan . Elder Ren Ji told me , At that time, Zen master Pu'an found that there were many insects and ants in this mountain , After troubling the monks and the common people , Create and teach 《 Pu'an mantra 》. He made a big wish : The place where Pu'an mantra is located ,“ Yesterday's corner , Today's Buddha land , Pu'an is here , no restrictions of any kind .”

chart : The 46th generation of Linji Zen 、 Elder Ren Ji, abbot of Zhengjue temple, Boshan, Zibo City, Shandong Province

It is reported that , So far, many temples will 《 Pu'an mantra 》 Make it a daily must . The mantra consists of many monosyllabic combinations , Well known scholar Nan Huaijin wrote in the article :“ It's like insects and birds , Or if it's raining , But the sound of pattering , A magnificently …… After listening, people naturally enter a state of purity and emptiness .” Zen master Pu'an 《 Pu'an mantra 》 Also created guqin music , The song has the beauty of meditating and clearing the heart , It has been passed on for a long time , It is one of the top ten classical music of China Guqin .

Elder Ren Ji also talked about the origin of rebuilding Longtan Temple :“ Buddhism was introduced into Hakka area during the northern and Southern Dynasties , Baoqing temple in Lanfang town of Jiaoling was very popular in the early and middle Ming Dynasty , Once ranked first among the four local temples . At the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty , Baoqing temple was destroyed by soldiers and bandits . It was rebuilt here in the 1940s , Renamed Longhua nunnery .”

2016 In the year of Jiaoling, the believers invited elder Renji to Abbot Daochang , Elder Renji renamed Longhua Temple Longtan Temple . The renovation of Longtan Temple was approved by Meizhou Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs .

Listen to your words , surpass ten years of reading . I learned from elder Ren Ji that 《 Pu'an mantra 》 After the whole story , I feel a little sorry for Jiaoling's low profile —— According to Baidu data : The total population of China 13.7 Billion , The number of Buddhists is as high as 2 Billion 4660 ten thousand , Of the total population 18%. But in the publicity materials of Jiaoling , But I haven't been able to “《 Pu'an mantra 》 Happily ” Into the field of publicity , What a pity it is !

Today's people are not limited to “ tour ” 了 , Everywhere they go , They will carefully explore the local cultural landscape and resources . Take the author for example ,2015 In 1997, he followed the relevant departments of Zhuhai to Wuyishan, Fujian Province for a meeting , The meeting is scheduled to be held at ten o'clock the next day , I learned that this place is very close to Baishui village, Shangmei Township, Liu Yong's hometown , It is known that Liu Yong's former residence is in ruins , There are only two legends about him “ Hand planted Podocarpus ” after , So I got up at less than six the next day , Not even breakfast , He threw hundreds of dollars to fight 70 Many kilometers , I went to Liu Yong's hometown to take photos …… Actually , In this era of individuality , such “ Take advantage of , Come back after all the fun ” There are a lot of people in my heart ; And Jiaoling , It's just Buddhism 、 Tourism closely related to Zen culture “ signboard ” Put it aside ……

Of course ,“ A low profile ” It's not a derogatory term , If it's used in dealing with people , That's one of the things that people admire .

Jiaoling's low profile , Of course, it's not just the lack of low-key cultural propaganda ; The people here are hospitable and low-key 、 Gentle but indomitable . The most representative is general Xie Jinyuan and his wife .1937 year 10 month , The battle of Songhu, which lasted for three months, came to an end , To cover the withdrawal of the main force ,88 t 524 Deputy Xie Jinyuan of the regiment led “ Eight hundred strong men ” Enter Sihang warehouse , Fighting alone for four days and four nights , Defeat the enemy 10 More than one crazy attack , Kill the Japanese 200 More than one , Protect the dignity of a nation with life .

Senior diplomats 、 International Law guru Li Sheng Jiao wrote an article to disclose ,“ Well known ‘ Eight hundred strong men ’ In fact, there are far fewer than 800 people . So-called ‘ Eight hundred strong men ’ Less than 400 people .”《 National human history 》 It has also been published that ,“‘ Eight hundred strong men ’ The actual number of is 355 people .”355 People killed and wounded the Japanese army in four days and nights 200 More than one , This is a great achievement !

Write down the famous words of self encouragement “ The river and the mountain are broken, and it can be hurt , Don't be a mediocre and love your hometown ” Xie Jinyuan has a strong character 、 brave 、 Straightforward 、 A low profile ; He said goodbye to his wife :“ The burden of serving old parents and raising young children , I should have chosen , But as a soldier , If you serve your country, you can't look after your family , So now it's up to you .” When he was assassinated , His wife, Ling Weicheng, gave up art , I took off my cheongsam , Every day I go down to the ground and sow 、 transport human manure 、 Apply fertilizer …… Raising four kids alone .

Wang Wenchuan, a gunslinger of Sihang warehouse defending fighter planes, recalled that Xie Jinyuan once said in his later years , Xie Jinyuan once taught him to play harmonica ,1941 After Xie Jinyuan was assassinated by four traitors bought by Wang Jingwei in , As many as... People came to mourn 30 ten thousand people , The soldiers went on a hunger strike for four days , Asking the British concession to punish the killers .

In the patriotic poet Qiu Fengjia 、 Inspired by patriotic general Xie Jinyuan , Jiaoling people are gentle 、 Strong and low-key character has been passed down from generation to generation . Over the years, the first Chinese winner of the fields prize has sprung up in this small mountain town 、 Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, mathematician Qiu Chengtong , Lin Haiyin, a famous writer , Qiu Yingnan, a famous physical chemist , Wu Qingping, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering ,“ The queen of folk songs ” Xu Qiuju and many other celebrities .

Far do not say , Take the overseas Chinese from Jiaoling for example .2016 I went back to Jiaoling with my mother in , At that time, the descendants of my great grandfather came from Singapore one after another 、 Indonesia 、 Thailand 、 The United States 、 Canada and other countries rushed back to Changtan in Jiaoling to worship their ancestors , That's when I learned , Xu Dexiang, a famous cardio cerebrovascular doctor in Singapore, is my cousin , The daughter of another cousin, Xu Tianxiang, was the general manager of LEGO Group in Norway , They and my own uncle 、 Xu Yuanxiang, a former deputy director of a bureau in Jiaoling, has the same gentle manner , Low key and modest . In Jiaoling , Similar low-key, modest and resolute people are everywhere .

Jiaoling, located in the northeast of Guangdong Province, is the hometown of longevity , The area of the whole county is about 962 Square kilometers , Beautiful scenery . The registered population of the whole county 23 ten thousand people , Overseas Chinese 56 ten thousand , The number of Taiwanese is as high as 46 ten thousand . At the breakfast of Uncle Xu Shengxiang, a Hong Kong property developer, receiving overseas Chinese , I heard my mother say with gratitude :“ In the famine 1960 In those years , It was uncle Songgui who sent back bags of rice from Malaysia , Saved everyone .” Mom said “ Uncle Songgui ”, It's my grandfather's cousin , My cousin Xu Dexiang's father .

Jiaoling , Mother's hometown , One is honored with “ The land of longevity ” A mountain city just known by people , I was deeply impressed by the low profile of the town .

Talking about Jiaoling , Talking about the resources of Jiaoling , Talk about the origin of Jiaoling and Zen Buddhism ,

After appreciating what elder Ren Ji wrote 12 A meditation tea poem , I memorize what he wrote “ A toast to the moon , Talk about the Zen machine ”;“ A smile from the flowers to the heart , The reality is infinite ” after , All of a sudden, it's like a rush to the top , I decided to write an essay for Jiaoling , To remember .

author : Chen yanru

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