have nothing at all

2021-04-08 05:32:01  作者:Life journey

Sometimes , I feel like I have nothing , Suddenly like to listen to Cui Jian's 《 Nothing at all 》, But not at all “ Young people don't know the taste of sorrow ” The expression of , The rest is just calm , Face up to the present , I'm not used to it at all , I clearly understand my future .

*When you pretend to be true, you can also be true , Where there is no action, there is no .* All my life , There are many wonderful and helpless . In fact, every moment is better , It's like having a colorful future . When it's time to eat , Enjoy the delicious food ; It's time to go to bed , Enjoy the security of this world . Play a good life , remember : You are the chief director of the play .

*In the wide world , Be a person who is not narrow-minded .* In this crowded world , How wide is your vision , How big is your pattern , What kind of life you will have . No matter what others say , Don't ask people what to do , You only live once , Live for yourself , Be a person who is not narrow-minded .

*aboveboard , That's our passport to the future .* We want to be beautiful , Always be a good person . Big data in the future 、 The development of blockchain , Will be a world of good people , The bad guys will have nowhere to hide . Be a good person , Always be a good person , That's our passport to the future .

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