Live a life without dependence

2021-04-08 04:52:01  作者:Life journey

blot out the sky and cover up the earth , When spring steps into April , I didn't breathe freely , These posters of drugstore activities , It fills my house every day . Maybe it's because I haven't noticed it yet ,“ the elderly ” I've got this hat on .

One day , My brother said that I ,“ You are already a 54 Years old ……” Hee hee , I'm secretly happy , It seems that my psychological age is two years younger , Little imagine , The actual age is already 56 Year old .

Yes ! People around me , In this 2021 Around the new year's Day , It's all about falling trees in autumn , I don't know how to face them . Don't “ died of old age ” Is equal to “ ill ” Well ?

I don't feel , But I have to accept such negative information . finally , This moment of the night , I can't sleep .

I look at the drugstore garbage , I hate it . A discount , A discount …… How many people have been harmed ! Its conceptual misleading teaches people the benefit of , Accepting its poison . To save a few cents , Just buy those so-called “ Family medicine ” wait .

Of course , At our age , There are some aging bones and meat “ disease ” The crisis of , however , There are hospitals , Under the guidance of a doctor , Go for radical treatment ! Why do we have to work in non-medical areas “ Encourage ” The consumption of inaction ? Calculate carefully , Is true “ province ” Why? ?

Have you ever thought of , Save until the end , When I can't bear the pain , Going to the hospital is very serious ……

I think you have a little understanding of the reason why I can't sleep . Let's do it ! Face yourself squarely , Face up to the normal commercial propaganda of the business . Some use it, just buy a little , It's useless. Just stay away from the thing that drags down our mind ! ill , There are hospitals , I'm not a doctor myself .

The life of Medicine , It's not our old people's theme . Don't waste our little energy , It's all on the drugstore discount , A few free eggs from the drugstore . In particular , Don't step into the last dead cycle , Even the income of the whole family , It all cost “ disease ” The world of , What's more painful is , One “ disease ” Two or three generations of the world .

An orderly life , steel oneself , Don't make yourself guilty , Don't make your children tired , Add less burden to the society , Don't rely on drugs , Let's live a life without dependence ( drug ) Let's have a good day !

Don't be fooled into old age intentionally or unintentionally , A healthy attitude is the most important .

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