The first day as a volunteer

2021-04-08 04:40:43  作者:Photography with temperature

Last month, I reported a volunteer for a competition , The preliminary contest is held in our school . I was also assigned to the hotel group .

Go to the assembly in the morning , Mainly do the preliminary work , For some reason , So I didn't do anything in the morning .

The notice doesn't arrive until three o'clock . It's really idle and boring , It's also said to be distributed in the morning , Wait, wait , As a result, the mobile phone is dead and turned off .

Enough time , Just go around and have a look . Going to the Wetland Park , It's still a big gap . In the process of development , Surrounded by mountains , Still planting trees .

Look at GORD , Transfer destination . To lucerne town .

It's a little far , So I went by bike sharing .

It seems that the town is also under development , It's not very busy , It's quiet . There are a lot of people taking pictures .

Cycling through the small town path , Looking at these unique buildings , See a different landscape .

When you see such a landscape , It's not worth mentioning that the road is too complicated .

Small town

Pigeon square

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